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Leche Flan Recipe

05/28/07 | by Clarise | Categories: Recipe
Leche Flan is Philippine custard. It is one of the influences Spain left in Philippine cuisine. Our family Leche Flan recipe is rich. Per Joseph’s request, here it is: Note: The yield of this recipe is 1 llanera (Philippine aluminum oval mold).… more »
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From Superman to Spider-man

01/07/07 | by Clarise | Categories: General Thoughts
Update: I snuck in too to take the quiz on how I see Joseph. It did confirm that he was a Green Lantern with strong Superman streak ... Joseph took the Superhero quiz so I thought I'd take it too... I took it a few days ago but I did not have a chance… more »

Santa Gifts

12/25/06 | by Clarise | Categories: General Thoughts
Here's a conversation between my 5-years old nephew and his dad on Christmas morning .... Matthew: Dad, why are all the gifts from Santa made in China? Joey: Why? Where should they come from? Matthew: North Pole Merry Christmas! Click to view original… more »

Merry Christmas!

12/24/06 | by Clarise | Categories: General Thoughts
Click to view original size Maligayang Pasko! (Pilipino) Merry Christmas! (English) Feliz Navidad! (Spanish) Buon Natale! (Italian) more »

Juror No. 11

10/22/06 | by Clarise | Categories: General Thoughts
The past 4 days, I have served as Juror No. 11. I have completed my civic duty and I could blog about my experience. Common impression I hear is that Jury Duty is like a plague that one avoids. I thought it was a very interesting experience. It was fun… more »

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