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Yahoo buys Konfabulator maker

I've found the Konfabulator widgets to be very cool. The RSS widgets remind me of Pointcast in many ways - updated and current web content streamed to your desktop on your schedule.

I think that Yahoo!'s purchase of Konfabulator will make for a very interesting opening of Yahoo!'s API.

I also find the idea of widgets for TiVo very interesting, truly reflecting the convergence of entertainment, communications and computing. Especially as TiVo has opened their API to encourage outside extensions of the TiVo platform.

Now, using widgets for web services and SOA may finally help that technology take off the way feed syndication has. :>>

via SiliconBeat

Update: one problem with posting after midnight - you sometimes forget what blog you're in. XX( Sorry Clarise, I didn't mean to post this in Yackity, but in my Cynosural Blog.

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