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WWL-AM Interview with New Orleans Mayor

09/02/05 | by Clarise | Categories: On the web

Joseph and I listened to the WWL-AM Interview with New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin. He lashed on the inefficiency and the slow pace of relief efforts of the US government.

I must say it is a podcast, via Dave Winer's Scripting News, worth listening to ...

WWL-AM Interview with New Orleans Mayor

One part of the interview had this:

WWL: What can we do here?

NAGIN: Keep talking about it.

WWL: We'll do that. What else can we do?

NAGIN: Organize people to write letters and make calls to their congressmen, to the president, to the governor. Flood their doggone offices with requests to do something. This is ridiculous.end quotation

After listening to it, my heart went to those who are in need. In support of the mayor of New Orleans, I blog about it to let people know.

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