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Leche Flan Recipe

05/28/07 | by Clarise | Categories: Recipe

Leche Flan is Philippine custard. It is one of the influences Spain left in Philippine cuisine. Our family Leche Flan recipe is rich. Per Joseph’s request, here it is: &#59;D

:idea: Note: :idea: The yield of this recipe is 1 llanera (Philippine aluminum oval mold).

Caramelized sugar:

1/3 cup of brown sugar
1/6 cup of water
Dash of salt (optional)

Place the sugar in the center of a saucepan. Pour water around the sides of the pan. Before the pan gets hot and just when you first put the sugar in the sauce pan, make an X with your finger across the sugar. Do not stir. Turn on the stove to medium heat, bring to a full boil and cook without stirring, swirling the pot occasionally to even out the color, until all the sugar is melted and is amber-caramel in color. Pour the caramelized sugar in a llanera (Philippine aluminum oval mold) or a baking dish.


4 egg yolks
1 can condensed milk
After emptying the can of condensed milk, fill the same can with 1/3 liquid milk or water. (Note: this is 1/3 can).
1 tsp of pure vanilla extract

1. In a mixing bowl, mix the yolk gently to break it.
2. Empty the can of condensed milk in the yolk mixture
3. After emptying the can of condensed milk, fill the same can with 1/3 liquid milk or water. (Note: this is 1/3 can) Stir the liquid milk (or water if you prefer) in the can to get all the remaining condensed milk that is sticking to the sides of the inside of the can. Pour this in the mixing bowl.
4. Mix the liquid mixture gently. To have a smooth set custard, do not whisk the mixture so as not to create bubbles in the custard.
5. Strain the mixture while pouring it into the llanera with caramelized sugar.
6. Cover tightly with foil. This avoids moisture from the steam or water to get to the custard while cooking.
7. Cook in a water bath for about 25 minutes or test it by putting a butter knife into the flan and no mixture sticks to the butter knife

To serve, run a knife around the edge of the llanera or baking dish and invert into a serving plate.

Need to make a bigger batch? Here’s the original recipe measurements:

3 cans condensed milk
1 1/2 can of water or liquid milk
12 egg yolks
2 tsps vanilla

For caramelized sugar:
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/8 cup water

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Comment from: JAdP

This is the richest leche flan that I have ever tasted. It is incredibly good. Dense, like a taffy. It makes every other leche flan, crème brûlée or panna cotta that you may have tasted seem thin and anemic. It is to custard, what gelato is to cheap, American ice cream. It’s just incredible stuff.

05/28/07 @ 17:41

i will DEFINITELY try this. sounds yummy.

05/28/07 @ 19:40
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