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First 3 Rules of Data Normalization for Newbies - Introduction

12/18/04 | by Clarise | Categories: Modeling

The work of Dr. Codd as published in A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Bank by E.F. Codd provides the detailed and comprehensive explanation of Relational Model and Normalization.

I just want my blog to be short and sweet each day. So, over the next 3 days, I shall blog on a normalization rule. I learn by example so I shall discuss the rules through examples.

Normalization helps eliminate the problems of redundancy in database design. It reinforces referential integrity in the database and provides a way to index. A highly normalized design may need a large number of joins. Hence, there is a need to carefully review the degree of normalization in a database design. One must consider the database’s intended use.

The First 3 Rules of Normalization are:

  1. First Normal Form (1NF): All attributes are not repeated or must be single-valued
  2. Second Normal Form (2NF): An attribute must depend upon its entities entire UID
  3. Third Normal Form (3NF): No non-UID attribute can be dependent upon another non-UID attribute

Part 1 of my blog will be about 1NF.

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Comment from: Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh

Can you tell from where I can get the paper of Dr. Codd for free. The link you gave contains the incomplete paper. I want the complete paper. I searched for it but could not find it.

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