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e-mailholic -- Survey Says ....

05/29/05 | by Clarise | Categories: General Thoughts

The Infoworld article Survey: US residents addicted to e-mail describes the email dependency of most Americans. I guess I can be considered an "emailholic". I am one of those who checks emails when I get up in the morning, while waiting for the coffee to brew. But, I am not an extreme case who checks "messages in the bathroom, in church and while driving".

No email for a week? Maybe I'll have a withdrawal symptom. My family is dispersed all over the world. So, I think I will feel cut off from my family especially my nieces and nephews if I don't have email for a week. I hardly spend on international long distance calls anymore because of emails and web chats.

Email has changed the way we communicate. Yes, too much of everything is never good.... But, I think as long as I am not anxious about the emails I send, I can be one of the email junkies ... &#59;D

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