Small Cameras and Peeping Toms

03/30/05 | by Clarise | Categories: In real life

I believe it was a CSI episode that they showed a boy who peeped under women's skirts using a small camera hidden in his shoe. A 63-year-old man from Berkeley, CA was arrested doing just that. At a Costco store in Richmond, two teenage girls figured out what a man lurking near their mother was doing and notified the authorities.

According to the article in Oakland Tribune, "Voyeurism is a sexually deviant behavior, and can lead to more aggressive acts once the suspect has reached a threshold for it. So we want people to be alert to these things." These video voyeurs invade one's privacy. In this internet age, one never knows where one's picture may appear.

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Responsibility Assignment Matrix in Project Management

03/28/05 | by Clarise | Categories: Project Management

Responsibility Assignment Matrix is a good tool to document the level of responsibility of a project member for the project tasks. Utilizing PMI PMBOKā„¢ levels of responsibility in a project, one can think of these levels using the acronym PARIS.
P - Participant; involved, but not at a critical level
A - Accountable; must answer to management for the project task status
R - Review Needed
I - Input Needed
S - Sign Off Required

Below is an example of part of a Responsibility Assignment Matrix:

As part of the Resource Management Plan, update the roles of Responsiblity Assignment Matrix to include names.


Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs

03/27/05 | by Clarise | Categories: In real life

My childhood memories of Easter involve painting hard-boiled eggs for the Easter egg hunt. Sometimes, we'll have an Easter Bunny candy filled with chocolate inside. I remember as a child asking why Easter is associated with the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs. After all, if one comes to think of it, the bible or any book that mentions the resurrection of Christ never mentions a bunny or an easter egg!

The bunny is known to be a fertile animal. So, in pre-Christian times, it has served as symbols of the new life during spring. Painted eggs, I have been told, have also been used to symbolize a resurrection or rebirth.

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate Easter! To those who don't, Happy Spring! &#59;D


Project Plan

03/26/05 | by Clarise | Categories: Project Management

The term Project Plan is often loosely used. In most of our project engagements, we often have to clarify that Project Plan is not just a Microsoft Project Plan. A project plan is a document and is an output of the project planning process. Developing a project plan encompasses everything that is done during project planning.

Some elements that are contained in the project plan are:

  • Scope of the Project
  • History and Background of Project
  • Assumptions
  • Constraints
  • Schedule (here, you can put the MS Project Plan)
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Resource Management
  • Scope Management Plan including escalation procedures
  • Change Management Plan
  • Cost Management Plan - Budget can be included here though some project sponsors do not like the budget exposed for everyone to see
  • Quality Management Plan
  • Communication Management Plan
  • Risk Management Plan

Having a documented Project Plan is essential. If your project does not have one and you are the Project Manager, make one. It will prove useful to you. &#59;D


Response to Blogging Questions from Allikat71121 for Current Events Class

03/17/05 | by Clarise | Categories: General Thoughts

I received a comment on my ORA-600 blog today and since it was not related to the "ORA-600" topic, I decided to start a new blog to address the questions ...

New comment on your post #199 "FAQ: ORA-600 Causes"

Author: Allikat71121 (Allikat71121)
Hello all- during one of my classes (Current Events) we were assigned to look up sites on the Internet which contain blog. Upon learning the popularity of these blogging sites i really have to ask what it is all about since i am somewhat new to this concept. If you put your personal thoughts on the web how do you maintain the privacy that all humans need? What happens when someone reads your blog and becomes offended? I guess i reall am clueless as to how this whole blogging thing works.


First of all, I think it is nice that blogs are taught in Current Events. :) It shows that blogs affect everyone's current life.

I will address both questions as simply as possible.

Question 1: If you put your personal thoughts on the web how do you maintain the privacy that all humans need?
If one puts personal thoughts on a public blog, it is open to everybody. So, bloggers should be cognizant of that fact. However, most blog software permit for different access levels. For instance, TIAPress, our blog software uses b2evolution. It has the capability of having different access levels. So, in cases of personal and private blogs that we want only a certain group of people to read, our bloggers can make its status "Protected" which means only Members with permissions can get to these private/personal blogs.

Though most blogs are personal, not all of them are. Blog types include, though not limited to: personal journals (most popular form), editorial/opinion on current events, linkblogs (with or without opinions), political blogs, professional blogs giving expert opinion, product reviews, and external business blogs giving transparency into the business decisions and direction.

If it is a personal blog, bloggers who are concerned about privacy should remember to protect themselves. There are always the bad :> people out there in cyberspace. So, one should be careful. Don't just put your personal information out in the open.

Question 2: What happens when someone reads your blog and becomes offended?
As an analogy, I think of blogs like an online publication where one can have his/her own column. As in any journalist, there is always the concept of responsible journalism. Bloggers are responsible for what they write, just as a person is responsible for his actions. Anything can happen if one gets offended from someone's blog. There are always legal ramifications. So, one can get sued for libel or other things. In some cases, people lose their jobs for writing something that their company finds proprietary or "contains sensitive information". Or, if it is a personal blog, one can hurt the people they love or even lose friends over it.

Allikat71121, I hope I answered your questions. Thank you for visiting my blogs and putting a comment. :P

For readers who want to comment, please feel free... Maybe it will help Allikat71121 and her current events class....


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