Coffee with Bernard

04/30/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Business Perspective, Open Source, Open Source, Open Source

We (Clarise and Joseph) met with Bernard Golden, the CEO of Navica.

Bernard Golden CEO Navica

Bernard spoke at a recent Leadership Forum on Opportunities in Open Source, where we first met him. He read my blog article about the forum, and invited us to meet with him, to continue the discussion over coffee at the Uptown Cafe in San Carlos, CA. Bernard is the creator of the Open Source Maturity Model, which is used to determine the desirability and risk associated with using a specific open source product. Our discussion was an extension of the Leadership Forum, and lasted over two-and-an-half hours. We probably could have turned a tape of our discussion into five wiki(Podcasting,podcasts). &#59;) What follows is a very brief summary of what we discussed.

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04/30/05 | by Clarise | Categories: In real life

I hate SPAM. SPAM is annoying and it makes one's work day inefficient. How many of us spend valuable time during the day to train SPAM filters to make sure they go to SPAM folders? One's mailbox gets clogged with messages that are marked SPAM whether they go to the deleted folders or not. Gone were the days when all messages one gets are real.

The past few days, I have been getting SMS SPAM. The first one I got, I let it go. I just deleted the message. But then more came and I was really getting ticked off. This morning, I called my mobile phone carrier, Cingular. I told the Cingular Customer Care representative that they should block SPAM SMS and asked what they are doing about it. The Cingular representative, Sandra, told me she put my mobile phone number under DO NOT CALL list/DO NOT SEND SPAM SMS list for Telemarketeers and other kind of organizations that bug and spam you. Apparently, by default, one's phone number is open for telemarketers and spammers. So, unless you are in Cingular's "DO NOT" list, one is open to all these SPAMMERS. Cingular's list is different from the National Do Not Call Registry. Hence, it does not matter if your mobile phone is registered in the US National Do Not Call Registry that is managed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

So, if you don't want to be SPAMMED and you are a Cingular or a former AT&T Wireless customer who got integrated with Cingular, make sure that you have your mobile phone "BLOCKED" - I believe that is the term the Cingular Customer Care Representative used. If you are not with Cingular, ask your wireless carrier.

I will have to wait and see if I get anymore SMS SPAM, now that I'm in that list or am "BLOCKED". If I do, Cingular will definitely hear from me.


Gastric Emptying Study

04/21/05 | by Clarise | Categories: In real life

Today, I ate radioactive scrambled eggs with toast. No, it is not a figure of speech for eating a rotten egg, as my niece Christine thought that I was using. I went for a Gastric Emptying Study.

This medical procedure helps to evaluate how quickly food is emptied into the intestine. The test consists of eating scrambled eggs that have been mixed with a very small dose of radioactivity. Scans are then taken to see how much of the eggs remain in the stomach. Based on my readings on Gastric Emptying Study, when normal, it should indicate that usually about half should pass into the intestine within 90 minutes. Anything longer than 110 minutes implies poor gastric emptying function.

The procedure was very simple. I just laid on the examination table under the machine, which captured the images. I read my storybook in my Palm until Joseph came over to see how I was doing. So laying there for 90 minutes did not get boring. I could not see the monitor display while I laid there, so Joseph took pictures for me with my phone.

At one point, Joseph became tech support and worked with the technician because there was a software error. It scared me for a moment. I thought, I’d have to eat another egg and repeat the procedure. But, they just rebooted the machine and everything was fine. Yes, the wonders of reboot...

In the Nuclear Medicine department of the hospital, we were told that they are not famous for their cooking… They are a different kind of gourmet chefs. They may not be famous but they surely cook unforgettable radioactive scrambled eggs.


The Image of Spring

04/18/05 | by Clarise | Categories: In real life

When disappointments seize my careless heart,
And dark thoughts enwrap my soul in gloom,
The thought of spring provides hope ethereal balm
For spring renews life,
with flowers and butterflies
and impressive colors that calm ...


Gigaset 2420 Desk Station Shutting Down with Incoming Calls

04/04/05 | by Clarise | Categories: In real life

I have a Siemens Gigaset 2420 for a few years now. It has some very nice features. It has a two-line desk phone that serves as the master station for the system, as well as one 2.4 GHz cordless handset (model 2400) with its own charger base. One can expand the system by adding more cordless handsets (up to a total of eight) and registering them with the desk station.
Once or twice since I have had it, the desk station would shut down on the second ring of an incoming call. All the buttons would light up and then reset itself and repeat the process on the next incoming call. In the past when this happened, I would just unplug the base station for a few hours and somehow, it would come stop doing it.

Last Friday, after a short power failure, it did this whole shutting down thing again. I did what I have done in the past but nothing happened. XX( I even tried to unplug the base station for more than 24 hours! Oh, so frustrating.... |-|

I went to the Siemens' website but I did not find anything. I tried to re-register my handset thinking it was all it needed. But that did not help. Then, I had a crazy idea. :idea: I figured, maybe it needed help clearing things in the memory .... I deleted all the entries in the caller log. Viola! My Gigaset 2420 started to work again. It was a wild lucky guess, but it worked... I wonder if it is a bug in their firmware... &#59;D

So, if you are an owner of a system like mine and you stumble upon this very frustrating behavior of your Gigaset 2420, try my trick. It might help. If you have other tricks, send it my way. :P


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