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The Day Zoo Animals Posed for Me

01/30/05 | by Clarise | Categories: In real life

Through the Oracle Alumni Network, I managed to get in touch with my friend, Sue, after almost 7 years. It was a beautiful, sunny day in San Francisco so we had brunch at the Beach Chalet. We decided to walk off what we ate :P and walked from the Beach Chalet to the Cliff House and back along the beach.

It was still early so we went to the San Francisco Zoo. Normally, when I take pictures of the animals in the zoo, they seem to walk away and all I get is their behind. Well, this time it was different. The animals did pose for me.

Mr. Polar Bear actually walked in front of us

and sat there.

Mr. Lion posed for me

and then put his head down so I can take a picture of Mrs. Lion.

Either it was my lucky day because the animals were in a photo session mood or I fooled them by taking pictures with my phone. :))

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Budding Fashion Designer

01/28/05 | by Clarise | Categories: In real life

I received via snail mail today a letter from Sophia, my 12-year 13-year old niece in Australia. With it she sent me her fashion designs. They are amazingly good. Her work made me so proud of her that I thought I'd post her work on my blog. She asked me to give her feedback so she can improve them. Feel free to give her feedback on my blog but please be nice ... I am very protective :))


One Lesson of Death

01/08/05 | by Clarise | Categories: In real life

Today, news of 2 deaths reached me. One was my cousin who was a few years older than myself and the other is the father of a friend. During days like this I reflect on this basic fact of life: Everything has an end. Fire does not burn indefinitely. The flower blooms then withers. No matter how hard the situation is, death teaches us that “this too shall pass”.


Solstice to Epiphany

Happy Holidays to all.

Happy Holidays

From Solstice onward, may you have one Epiphany after another.

Peace, Joy and Prosperity in 2005,
From Clarise, Joseph, and all at Team InterASC and TeleInterActive press.


What working with almost no sleep can do ...

12/18/04 | by Clarise | Categories: In real life

Thursday evening till morn, I worked trying to finish as much work as I can to meet deadlines due before 2005 knocks at the door. If some people are stressed with holiday shopping, you can say I am overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done by the end of the year.

Anyway, yesterday morning, Friday, with only an hour of sleep, our project team was conducting a proof of concept run. I wrote a script that had the object of producing a flat file with one record with fields placed in an exact postion for upload to the mainframe. The script extracts data from an Oracle table. Simple right? We ran the script and viola... the script produced the flat file but the field positions were off by 1. The script goes:

set termout off
set hea off
set pagesize 0
spool H:\BART_LBS\pclink32\UpLoads\k4201.PRN

select CORP||'|',ITMNBR||'|',WHSE||'|',PRIMBNLOC||'|',SECBNLOC
from k42
where ITMNBR like '62-40-00200%' AND WHSE like 'WS%';

spool off

I scratched my sleepy head kept awake by coffee 88|. I checked the field lengths of the columns of my table and they were correct. So, field length inaccuracy was not the cause... Darn, don't you hate it when the simplest of things don't work right?

Here's the corrected SQL statement. The bright-eyed and :idea: alert, Lee, found the culprit.

select CORP||'|'||ITMNBR||'|'||WHSE||'|'||PRIMBNLOC||'|'||SECBNLOC||'|'
from k42
where ITMNBR like '62-40-00200%' AND WHSE like 'WS%';

Yes, the culprit was the " , " that produced the extra space. Toast to you, Lee. This blog entry is for you. &#59;D


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