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Budding Fashion Designer

01/28/05 | by Clarise | Categories: In real life

I received via snail mail today a letter from Sophia, my 12-year 13-year old niece in Australia. With it she sent me her fashion designs. They are amazingly good. Her work made me so proud of her that I thought I'd post her work on my blog. She asked me to give her feedback so she can improve them. Feel free to give her feedback on my blog but please be nice ... I am very protective :))

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Wow! She is quite a talented artist. Her designs are very cute, but I was most taken by her ability to render them. Good for her! :)

01/28/05 @ 16:30

i love the blue dress, particularly the shoes!

01/28/05 @ 16:37
Comment from: sophia

hey! thanks ninang clar for putting up my work :)! by the way, i’m not 12, i’m actually 13 turning 14 (tee hee) this year.

01/28/05 @ 19:23
Comment from: Aletheia

Hi Sophia! Great work!! I LOVE IT!!! Soz but Ningang told me the website and i had to see it.


01/28/05 @ 20:05

Dear sophia, I’m Jayaraman designer in Tamil Nadu - India. i saa that a your designs always very very nice all the best of flack. Thanks / Jayaraman.a

08/29/06 @ 04:06
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