Although DSL may sometimes have outages, these occurances are extremely rare. If you encounter this problem often maybe you should consider a different internet service.

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03/12/07 @ 16:42
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The unfortunate truth, however, is that regardless from whom you buy your DSL service, the cabling, the fiber, the ports in the DSLAM and the edge routers all belong to your local RBOC. With AT&T wily-nilly moving ports to different networks, the outage would have occurred no matter from whom I had purchased the service.

03/12/07 @ 22:20
Comment from: john

AT&T DSL sucks! I switched to a cheap and reliable high speed internet service provider for DSL and T1 for my business. I never have slowdown on my bandwidth. Check them out: Snipped by Publisher. This comment would appear to be a lie as it came from the following IP: adsl-69-231-140-152.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net - The Publisher :lalala:

10/17/07 @ 02:03
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