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shel israel

Thanks for such an extensive and thoughtful review. Just to clarify a few points. I consider your effort to be very helpful, and you have made clear that those were my words, making this more than fair use. It makes your effort a favor to me.

I would use a wiki if this were a collaborative effort such as wikipedia. I’m using a blog because the book is my work. I am asking you and anyone else who wishes to help, to give me thoughts and feedback throughout what is going to be at least an eight-month process.

This is the system that made Naked Conversations a better book than Robert and I would have written on their own.

Toward a few of your questions. This is essentially a book about social media. It will be written in at least two segments. The first is: What’s happening today–describing the social media to people who don’t quite fully grasp the enormous change that has begun and Part Two, what it all means moving forward 5-10 years.

All books have shelf lives. Naked Conversations is starting to gray at the pages. Some of the stories are well-known and worn. They wern’t when we were gathering the info in early 2005. The same will happen for Global Neighborhoods.

Your questions and conversations like this are very helpful to me. I appreciate you taking the time. It sounds like your dinner was delicious. I hope the sauce did not get cold while you were posting all this.

The book itself will

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The TeleInterActive Lifestyle is about the business processes, life choices, management challenges and technical issues facing organizations and individuals as individuals and organizations adopt the Internet of Things, Mixed Reality, wireless networks of all levels, mobile devices, long-distance collaboration, social networks, digital transformation, and adjust to growing urbanization.

Sensor Analytics Ecosystems for the Internet of Things (SAEIoT) brings value from emerging technologies through data management and analytics, advances in data science, as the IoT matures through the 5Cs: Connection, Communication, Contextualization, Collaboration and Cognition. The socialization of machines will allow for Privacy, Transparency, Security and Convenience to be flexibly provided with two-way accountability to build Trust among Humans and Machines.

AsDataArchon, we have evolved our consulting data scientist work from learning how to incorporate sensor analytics into data warehouses, business intelligence and analytics to focusing on IoT data management and forming sensor analytics ecosystems.

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Our current thinking on sensor analytics ecosystems (SAE) bringing together critical solution spaces best addressed by Internet of Things (IoT) and advances in Data Management and Analytics (DMA) is here.

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