Asynchronous Communication for Project Management

At tonight's PMI meeting, the main presentation involved customizing and deploying project management methodologies within an organization. One of Leon Herszon's key points for the Model of the Unified Project Management Methodology was that a modern PM methodology needed to be web-enabled. Discussing this point with the speaker made it clear that this was a read-only web portal/intranet and that the benefits of the read-write web such as blogs, wikis and forums, or of Web2.0 technologies weren't recognized.

A post-meeting discussion with a PM who was having problems with communication among distributed workgroups and stakeholders through muliple time zones was very interesting in light of the previous observation. Some points from that discussion:

  • synchronous communication, whether voice [teleconference], video or text either inconvenienced or left out one group or another
  • attempts at asynchronous voice/video communication using recordings of teleconferences didn't work well, and even where the capability was given to record feedback, the results were inconsistent and could led to further isolation of some groups
  • recordings of teleconferences are difficult to track, the thread of the conversation is easily lost, and current search tools aren't effective
  • in our experience asynchronous text communications such as building support through blogs, developing documentation through wikis, and providing support and conversations through forums overcame all of the above difficulties
  • collaboration and online PM tools such as ServiceCycle and dotProject enhanced access and communication for all users
  • building information communities [as discussed with Rick Mortensen, CEO of MARVELit in an upcoming Mer^ienda podcast] using portlets and dashboards might streamline communication and effectiveness among distributed workgroups even more
  • MMORPGs can replace interpersonal team building boon dogles to make everyone feel included, so what if you're a high elf instead of a Malibu racer - maybe Second Life could help even more
  • Open Source Solutions, such as those linked herein and others can allow an organization to quickly and cost effectively prototype business processes and supporting tools, i.e. methodologies, to solve remote, asynchronous communication challenges

As I've been up since 5 this morning, so if the above isn't that coherent, well... We can discuss it later. &#59;) And for anything not linked, like phpBB, there's always Google.

No Foo-ling

At NoFoo, I met Bud Ozborn, where we discussed many cool things overlooking a great view. As we were leaving, we agreed to meet again to discuss identity and digital presence. Clarise, Bud and I got together yesterday, starting with morning coffee, through lunch, and into afternoon tea time. It was a great conversation, and Bud pointed us in some directions we hadn't gone before, even within areas with which we're quite familiar:

It was a wondrous day, with great majestic [read foggy] views at Caffè Luca in Montara, and sunny ones at HMB Brewery in Princeton Harbor. Thank you, Bud and Clarise for a marveydoodle conversation. Robert, thanks for introducing us. Bud, I hope you find hosting soon. Dang, I was having so much fun that I forgot to make a pitch on hosting with us. &#59;)

Colombo's Deli

Last week we had a meeting with Emil and Kathy of Colombo's Delicatessen. We're developing some hosting solutions for their web presence. Over the past year, their site has been stagnant as they've developed other aspects of their business.

It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic they are for extending the relationships and atmosphere of their deli onto the web. Of course, one of the fun things of working with someone in the food industry is getting to eat while you work. Kathy broke out some tasty items including some incredible olive oil AND the olives that make up the oil - both of which can now be bought at Colombo's in Pacifica.

Other fun came from the excitement generated by planning out a recipe wiki for Kathy, and associated publish-on-demand monetization opportunities, and from Emil breaking out some Italian music he wants to be available on the site.

Go, eat, tell them we sent you.

TeleInterActive Networks Maintenance

Our TeleInterActive Networks hosting service, including these blogs and our customer sites, will be down from midnight tonight, until, hopefully, 4 a.m. Pacific time. The server in the midwest is being moved to a new facillity.

Thank you for your understanding.

noFoo like an Old Foo

That would be me of course. :>> I drove the 9 miles down the Cabrillo Highway to the Ritz of Half Moon Bay to join Robert & Patrick Scoble, Hasan Diwan [another OraAlum - hey, Hasan, are you a member?], Bud Ozborn [Bud, I removed the link I had for you, as I must have gotten it wrong - it goes to a domain sales site - my apologies] and Don MacAskill at NoFoo. Robert was live blogging over his EV-DO card - no WiFi out by the Firepit.

There were many intersting topics of conversation, which Robert has written about. One that hasn't made it onto his blog yet is about Personal Space, Public Space and the control of one's identity and data. This is central to living the TeleInterActive Lifestyle™ and so really grabbed my attention. [Pun intended.] :P Here are some links from or related to the conversation.

It was a very interesting afternoon. Just what I needed after my earlier frustrations: great geeky conversation, campari and soda, and sushi.

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