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Business Process Outsourcing and Distributed Work

Last night we attended an Oracle Alumni speaker forum: "Sohaib Abbasi Off the Record". Mr. Abasi is the President and CEO of Informatica. He is a very entertaining speaker and made many interesting observations concerning the software industry. One in particular struck a chord in regards to one aspect of the TeleInterActive Lifestyle, distributed workgroups.

Mr. Abasi feels that Business Process Outsourcing will be a major driver of changes in the software industry.

Primarily, he feels that BPO will change the need for enterprise software packages such as HRIS, ERP and CRM. AFter all, companies that outsource a business process, such as HR, won't need to buy these enterprise packages, the hardware to run on, post-sales consulting to integrate them, and specialists to support them.

He also feels that this will increase the need for data integration software, such as Informatica products, and services, such as we provide.

Good for us. :D

Collaboration Remembered and Predicted

One thing missing from Ray Ozzie's interesting article, "A technologist looks back, looks ahead" in C|Net about collaboration technologies' impact on business, government and the individual, is consideration of mobile and wireless technologies. On the 20 years anniversary of the software best known as Lotus Notes, he looks at the future, and how increased bandwidth to the home and terabyte level storage capabilities in the home will further the evolution of work and the workplace.

What I find most fascinating about this evolution is how many in both developed and developing nations, have the opportunity to "have it their way". We can live where we want, or need to, and find work throughout the world. Could Western society actually evolve past the trends brought about by the Industrial Revolution, to something more Agrarian in nature?

One problem brought about by this evolution, that many of us need to address is focus. As our work day becomes broken into 2 hours here and 4 hours there, as the amount of time spent working continues to increase, and as we are simultaneously in contact with business associates, friends and family, the ability to focus on one thing, and screen out the others becomes more important. The workplace won't exist in the future to do that for us.

Another interesting result may quite well be the decline of the USA as the leading economic power on the planet. India, China or some developing ex-soviet block nation may well supplant this country economically.

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The TeleInterActive Lifestyle is about the business processes, life choices, management challenges and technical issues facing organizations and individuals as individuals and organizations adopt the Internet of Things, Mixed Reality, wireless networks of all levels, mobile devices, long-distance collaboration, social networks, digital transformation, and adjust to growing urbanization.

Sensor Analytics Ecosystems for the Internet of Things (SAEIoT) brings value from emerging technologies through data management and analytics, advances in data science, as the IoT matures through the 5Cs: Connection, Communication, Contextualization, Collaboration and Cognition. The socialization of machines will allow for Privacy, Transparency, Security and Convenience to be flexibly provided with two-way accountability to build Trust among Humans and Machines.

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