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Trackbacks or Comments

Trackbacks are a great way to allow comments on your blog. Since interlinking is at the heart of blogging, what has created the blogosphere, I think it is great the some bloggers have chosen to allow tracbacks, even if they don't support comments.

I ran into an example of this at jra's thoughts.

Unfortunately, not all wiki(blogware) supports wiki(trackback), or the "same thing only different" wiki(pingback) protocol. That's a shame. Keeping your opinions on your own blog, while automagically interlinking to the source that triggered those thoughts is the perfect example of why blogs are important to everything from collaboration to "keeping in touch".

On Our Way

This was our view over Crystal Springs Reservoir on our way to a meeting in San Mateo...

Fog over Crystal Springs

Wireless in California Parks

The TeleInterActive Lifestyle refers to the work and living habits of anyone who needs or wants to interact with information remotely. I am one of those who likes to be with nature. Sparks of my creativity seem to be kindled by the beauty of nature. I can be productive in a quiet place surrounded by nature.

One of my favorite California State Parks is Angel Island. I love to just sit on the benches there with the nice view of the SF Bay Area. I think it is refreshing and peaceful. I have always thought that it will be nice to spend a day working in Angel Island sitting on one of the picnic table areas or benches. Maybe even blog the whole day there. &#59;D

Connectivity may soon be possible. According to an article by the New York Times Wireless Deal for California Parks , “The state last week announced a deal with SBC Communications to provide wireless Internet access points in 85 state parks. Now park visitors can take laptop computers and other portable devices to connect to the Internet from areas formerly known as 'wilderness'."

Yes, I'm hopeful that wireless connectivity becomes a reality in Angel Island soon ...

Tools that Support the TeleInterActive Lifestyle

Information is essential. It helps us make better decisions whether it is personal or business. The TeleInterActive Lifestyle refers to the work and living habits of anyone who needs or wants to interact with information remotely.

There are many tools today that help us to remotely interact with information and people. Here are some tools that I use and find useful:

1. Cell phones: Cell phones are great. Anywhere you have a signal, you can get in touch with someone. I have participated in a conference call while watching the waves at the beach. If you have a data service for your phone, you can send email, surf the web or exchange SMS. Over the holidays, while at the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, I was able to use my cell phone to get the weather in Arizona and California. Hence my sister and I were able to decide properly whether we should drive back or stay longer in New Mexico to visit White Sands National Monument.

2. Handheld Devices: Handheld devices can be used not only for calendars and contact information. With the abundant software for the Palm or PocketPC, one can use handheld devices for almost anything even as MP3 players. With the eReader for Palm, I now read novels in my Palm which is quite convenient because I don’t have to carry a thick novel around. Of course, the downside is, my Palm needs juice so when I travel, I am always on the look out for electrical outlets in hotels or the airport &#59;D

3. Instant Messaging and Webcams/video conference: Instant Messaging is good way to keep in touch. My family is geographically distributed. We have family webcams during special occasion like Christmas and birthdays to “be” with one another. Instant messaging and webcam/video conferencing can also be used as a means for business communication. For instance, a distributed project team can instantly exchange ideas or ask a project team member a question without making a phone call. If you are like me who loves "cut and paste", I use instant messaging to cut and paste a url for someone in my team to access a website. :))

4. Laptop: If one is a “road warrior”, a laptop which serves as one’s desktop replacement is essential to do one’s work. Unfortunately the form factor and capabilities of handheld devices can not replace a laptop. So, even if they are heavy or bulky, it is still a tool I need.

5. Collaboration Software: There are many collaboration software around to support a distributed workforce. Some tools we have used are Service Cycle and Collaboration software enables file exchange and group calendar management.

6. Blogs: Whether it is a personal blog or a business blog, blogs provide a means to share information. I read my nephew’s personal blog to find out what is happening with him. For work, blogs can be used to communicate ideas. E.g., project blogging is a great way for a distributed project team to find out the latest project information or a means of exchange technical information.

If you Live the TeleInteractive Lifestyle, whether you call it by another name or not, you may find the article Road Tools, February 2004 issue of PC World magazine useful. It lists “30-plus travel-worthy products, accessories, services, and strategies that can help”.

Bluetooth Bonanza

Many articles are saying that 2005 will be the year of Bluetooth. Maybe, maybe not. People have been saying that for awhile. Having lived with my Jabra FreeSpeak and convinced partners and friends to get one, I don't see how people can live with a wire crawling from their ear, through their clothes and into whatever pocket, pouch or clip-on holds their cell phone.

Now, we've finally begun playing with a Bluetooth/USB dongle hanging off of our laptops and one workstation. Our Palm Tungstens and our cell phones (Sony Ericsson T68i for me, T637 for my partner) connected up great. Finally, easy synchronization among our various contact databases. This is great.

Now, what I really want is a stereo, noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphone - maybe even with a good microphone. But there are so few on the market.

So maybe more choices on the headphones, and with more manufacturers including Bluetooth in laptops, TabletPCs and other computers... Maybe... 2006?

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