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Zvents and the TeleInterActive Network

As I mentioned, Clarise and I met Allie and Ethan of Zvents, through Andrea.

We were discussing the new direction in which we are taking our service, The TeleInterActive Network. Our service is focused on small businesses, with little or no Internet presence. Maybe they paid someone a lot of money to set up a static web site, updating it is expensive, and it just sits there like a printed brochure in a potential customer's desk drawer. That potential is only realized if they stumble across the web site at just the right moment, but no one has any incentive to visit often.

An Internet presence is a powerful tool for business, only if it provides timely and interesting information to the community the business wants to serve. We help small businesses do this by consulting with them, learning their goals, and hosting open source software to meet those goals. That software may be a CMS to start - we use Mambo. As we work with our customers, we can add blogs, wikis, portals, and other tools as needed.

Andrea and Allie thought one tool that might help our customers is Zvents, and thus they dragged over Eric. After talking with them, we heartily agree. Having a zvent widget on our customer's web site, with appropriate events, can help them easily keep their site current, and providing good information for their communities.

As we bring our customers along in small steps to acclimitize them to the new Web, we'll be reporting on what works and best practices. We have a feeling that zvents will be one of those best practices.

Riya Launch Party

Clarise and I are headed off to the Riya launch party, as hosted by Munjal at Mike's house, after being invited by Tara. Ok, ok, awkward sentence but I wanted to get all the proper links in there. :>>

Congratulations to the entire Ojos crew.

I wonder if all those Google rumours will be confirmed, denied or ignored.

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Bootstrap Marketing

Listening to the Bootstrap Marketing Forum at ANZA, I came away with this from Buzz Bruggeman of ActiveWords:

An article in the second largest newspaper in Minnessota led to 5 downloads of our software. An article in USA Today led to 32 downloads. A >mention in Robert Scoble's Blog led to over 1000 downloadsend quotation

ANZA Day 2

Clarise and I are back at ANZA, working with Anna Moisio and Ben. Anna is the volunteer coordinator. Ben and Clarise are working registration, and I'm helping the showcase presenters transfer their presentations from their flash drives to the main computer.

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ANZA Cocktail Party

The welcoming cocktail party is starting in a few minutes. Registration is done. We're all heading up there.

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