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Ideas on Fighting Blog Spam

Tara 'Miss Rogue' Hunt of HorsePigCow commented that she would like to get a community meetup going to address the blog spam problem. We here at the TeleInterActive Press think this is a great idea. Some more ideas in the comments to Dan Gillmor's post… more »

Open Source and the Long Tail

Bernard Golden recently turned Clarise and I onto a series of articles documenting Chris Anderson's talk at the Churchill Club, "The Long Tail: Finding New Markets in the Niches". It's interesting that Chris Anderson brings up Open Source at the end of… more »

Katrina Survivor

For those of you, especially from the CapTech days, who kne/ow Steve Crocker, he survived Katrina. I heard from him today. We are OK; we got out in time. Our entire house was destroyed and we lost everything we did not carry out with us. I hear that 90%… more »
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The TeleInterActive Lifestyle is about the business processes, life choices, management challenges and technical issues facing organizations and individuals as individuals and organizations adopt the Internet of Things, Mixed Reality, wireless networks of all levels, mobile devices, long-distance collaboration, social networks, digital transformation, and adjust to growing urbanization.

Sensor Analytics Ecosystems for the Internet of Things (SAEIoT) brings value from emerging technologies through data management and analytics, advances in data science, as the IoT matures through the 5Cs: Connection, Communication, Contextualization, Collaboration and Cognition. The socialization of machines will allow for Privacy, Transparency, Security and Convenience to be flexibly provided with two-way accountability to build Trust among Humans and Machines.

AsDataArchon, we have evolved our consulting data scientist work from learning how to incorporate sensor analytics into data warehouses, business intelligence and analytics to focusing on IoT data management and forming sensor analytics ecosystems.

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Our current thinking on sensor analytics ecosystems (SAE) bringing together critical solution spaces best addressed by Internet of Things (IoT) and advances in Data Management and Analytics (DMA) is here.

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