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OSBC2007 SF Schedule

This year's Open Source Business Conference being held in San Francisco at the Palace Hotel spans two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22 & 23. The doors open at 7:00 each morning, with Tuesday's agenda lasting through a networking reception ending at… more »

MuleCon2007 Looking-back

Our main interest in ESB is to supplement ETL, and inject real-time data into dashboards, OLAP, maybe even reports. BPEL/BPM as an offshoot of BI is also of interest. ServiceMix/Tuscany don't seem to be as useful in this regard. My guess is that… more »

MuleCon2007 Selection

Scripps [TV] Networks [one of their properties is the Food Network] on SOA and ESB Selection. Starting with a design, going from a top-down approach, they began their selection. The next step was to run a few pilot projects to test a bottoms-up approach… more »

MuleCon2007 MuleHQ

Doug MacEachern of Hyperic and Andrew P??? of MuleSource. Hyperic is management product providing auto-inventory, deep & clean monitoring, control of servers and services, tracking of configuration changes and log events, alerting, a web-based… more »

MuleCon2007 Mule and Healthcare

Art Gramlich talking about a healthy Mule. The challenges they were facing include EMI [X12, HL7, XML, Flat Files], Coding [ICD9, CPT, SNOMED] and Transports & Protocols [WS-*, HTTP, FTP, Raw Sockets] that included legacy, current and emerging… more »

MuleCon2007 MLB

Ross Paul of MLB talks about how the Mule saves baseball, or maybe it's baseball has been very, very good for the Mule. As new services and demands come up, and increasing loads on legacy applications, and performance all around is a concern, Mule for… more »

MuleCon2007 GeoMail

Rune Peter Bjørnstad from Bouvet AS, in Norway [They're coming from all over the world to sing the praises of Mule.] Once upon a time, Rune checked out the logs on his DSL router, and saw that there were geotags available, which led him to create a… more »

MuleCon2007 Mule BPM BPEL

Business Process Management (BPM) is "programming in the large", bridging the gap between business analysts and programmers. It allows for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), and can make business processes more agile and include human input [workflow]… more »

MuleCon2007 Mule and Spring

Ross Mason provides details about Mule, Spring and when to use what, starting off with ESB and Inversion of Control (IoC). IoC and ESB Similarities include loose coupling, separation of concerns, wherein the business logic is separate from the… more »

MuleCon2007 Mule Roadmap

Ross finally has some slides done. What's it like to go from an open source project to a product Roadmap for 1.4, 2.0 and 3.0 The old roadmap was much like Lombard Street in San Francisco, as Ross' attention was caught by new curves. A more structured… more »
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At the beginning, The Open Source Solutions Blog was a companion to the Open Source Solutions for Business Intelligence Research Project, and book. But back in 2005, we couldn't find a publisher. As Apache Hadoop and its family of open source projects proliferated, and in many ways, took over the OSS data management and analytics world, our interests became more focused on streaming data management and analytics for IoT, the architecture for people, processes and technology required to bring value from the IoT through Sensor Analytics Ecosystems, and the maturity model organizations will need to follow to achieve SAEIoT success. OSS is very important in this world too, for DMA, API and community development.

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