shoshana kleiman

OH - I just wanted you to know that I’m reading your post - several times. :) It’s good to have a discussion with you. You may think you go on - but to me I am very grateful that you are taking the time to aid and guide my education!!!!

Give me a little bit of time to go through your links. My next blog, I hope, is after a conversation with Aharon Robbins (publishing name is Arnold Robbins, I think) holder of “awk” related stuff.

I think my shock from Stallman is wearing off and I am once more excited to learn about open source.

All the best. I’ll answer as soon as I can think.

03/01/09 @ 01:15
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I look forward to your next post. In addition to Mr. Robbins you should talk to someone in a commercial open source organization. It would provide a very different perspective.

03/01/09 @ 02:26
Antoine Borg


While a little lengthy, I like your post - you accurately capture the gap between what most people think of when they use the phrase “open-source” and what the open-source world thinks. You do try to break these misconceptions and I know, from experience, that this is not simple.

I was talking to someone recently. He’s a CIO and took over my previous role at a governmental organisation. His first reaction upon hearing that I’m in open source was, “Isn’t it true, though, that open-source comes with lots of hidden costs? Isn’t open-source more expensive than closed-source in the long run?” It took me a fair amount of arguing and I hope I got the full thrust of my message through.

Working for a company that specialises in open-source technologies and which works with open-source vendors, I can confirm your statement that open-source is not created by unsociable types in their bedrooms. While some people still do that (and lots of closed-source companies started that way too), most of the companies that we deal with are professional setups with slick operations and marketing machines that can rival their closed-source competitors’. And we all wash our own clothes ;-)


05/15/09 @ 06:17
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