Seth Grimes

Joseph, one small technical point: Aster Data’s nCluster stores data by rows. The DBMS is not a column store.


06/16/10 @ 14:29
Comment from:


Thank you for correcting my misunderstanding. I had thought I heard the words “column-store” at the Aster Big Data Summit, but perhaps, it was my own internal filter, as when I read the following from their FAQ, and somehow saw column-store:

It provides a very strong data management layer - ANSI SQL interface, ACID transactions, Information Lifecycle Management, indexes, cost-based query optimizer, compression, security and other database features. It provides a very strong application processing framework - multiple language support, workload management, security, statistics collection, error logging and other application server features. It is architected to co-locate both data management and application processing as first-class citizens on the same infrastructure.
What is Aster Data nCluster?

I’ll correct this in the main post.

06/16/10 @ 15:13
Andrea Gioia

Hi Joseph, gr8 post! Thanks also to have mentioned SpagoBI and its capabilities in terms of location intelligence. Just one thing about the teble: SpagoBI support also PaloPivot (aka JPalo web client) as OLAP client.

Andrea Gioia

06/16/10 @ 17:16
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SpagoBI supports many more things than I can fit in the table. ;) Is there a better link than the one that I gave to list them all?

06/16/10 @ 18:03
Seth Grimes

As you know, you have to be careful with vendor claims. For instance, SAS described, at the Aster Big Data Summit in Washington DC in May, the ability to run a version of the SAS Data Step on Aster nodes. SAS described this as if it is shipping. In fact, it will not ship this year.

06/16/10 @ 20:07
Vladislav Malicevic

Hi Joseph!
Did you have a look at our Palo Suite? Plays well with all of the above and is OS too - http://www.jedox.com/en/products/Palo-Suite.html


06/17/10 @ 01:43
Andrea Gioia

for a complete and up to date list of all the analitical engines supported by SpagoBI you can look here:



06/17/10 @ 02:48
Comment from:


We’ve been aware of the OSS Palo for Excel for some time, but haven’t kept up with Jedox’s other OSS for BI. We’ll add these products to our OSSLinks, shown in the sidebar to this blog.

Thank you for taking the time to update us.

06/17/10 @ 16:11
Comment from:


Thank you for the more comprehensive link.

06/17/10 @ 16:11
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