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SAP would be a huge feather in the Ingres cap.
For the site-license customers, it probably doesn’t matter which database SAP uses. For the smaller customers, there would be a very real cost incentive for using Ingres.

One of the paths to success for Ingres is the ability for smaller s/w developers doing CRM/ERP/SMB/… or other s/w to very inexpensively base their products on a proven, reliable and supported database. One where the “money” is kept in Ingres rather than in Oracle/SqlServer/DB2 with Ingres being just a glorified web-cache.

Not to start a holy-war, but almost none of the other Open Source databases measure up when it comes to being reliable/robust/recoverable enough to keep the “money” in them.

As for the F/OSS’ing of Oracle/DB2/SqlServer, would they open enough of the RDBMS to actually be usable? Seems like an opportunity for them to redefine what is an application “option/feature” and what is an RDBMS “option/feature".

Another possibilty is that more of the smaller database players, F/OSS or not, will go the way of InnoDB. That reduces the need for SqlServer/DB2/Oracle to F/OSS their s/w.

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