Oracle Berkeley DB

Are you wondering whatever happened to Sleepycat's Open Source software Berkeley DB developer database since Oracle's purchase ? It is now known as
Oracle Berkeley DB. It still has three flavors:

  • Berkeley DB: A transactional storage engine for un-typed data in basic key/value data structures
  • Berkeley DB Java Edition: A pure Java version of Berkeley DB optimized for the Java environment
  • Berkeley DB XML: A native XML database with XQuery-based access to documents stored in containers and indexed based on their content

It is still open source. Oracle has released it under a dual license. Check out Oracle Berkeley DB site for more information.

MARVELit Dash Portal Solution

Rick Mortensen, CEO of MarvelIT, Inc just wrote us to let us know that they have :

changed the name and are not associated with the Open Reports project any longer.

We offer a Dashboard solution that is based on the Apache Jetspeed portal and our unique charting portlets. Using Marvelit DASH - dashboards can be built very easily using the power of SQL and XML. end quotation
--taken from an email by Rick Mortensen

Take a look at their demo.

Justifying a BI System

Smaller Jotting BI JustificationIt is easy to make generalizations in justifying a Business Intelligence System. Commonly used are:
  • Saves money
  • Helps enterprise to be more competitive
  • Have informed decisions
  • Improve productivity
and many others.

To face the critics of your BI system, quantify and provide specifics for your statements. For example, instead of just saying, it saves money, illustrate how the BI system saves money. If the pain point of your organization, for instance, is that one does not have a central repository of customer information so it takes accounting X amount of time creating an invoice because each time an invoice is created, one has to create a spreadsheet, getting information from multiple sources. It is effective to show how saving the time of accounting and billing the customer faster provides X amount of savings per month. As part of your justification, provide an estimate for the potential increase in receivables per month then multiply by the monetary amount of the average customer transaction.

A BI system that is aligned with business objectives and is able to maintain its economic justification gets buy-in and continuous support from the enterprise.

Multidimensional Cube - Simple Explanation for Users

The concept of multidimensional cube is a good way to help users understand how they may want to query the multidimensional database or create OLAP reports. The dimensions of a cube are stored in a database table.

The data cube in the diagram below is composed of there dimensions: Customer, Product and Time.

Data Cube

This cube would allow query BY customer, BY time and BY product. Hence, sample query could be selecting a customer BY time and BY Product.

Additional dimensions (e.g. sales territory, sales person, etc) increase the size of the cube geometrically.

Archive of Open Source Business Intelligence Lens on Squidoo

In an effort to keep our Open Source Business Intelligence Lens on Squidoo current, we have removed some modules. Please see OSBI Archive on the TIAPress OSBI Wiki.

Thank you again for visiting our lens, blogs and wiki. &#59;D

PalmSource Open Source

PalmSource, an Access CO, LTD company, has been making several announcements in advance of their PalmSource day at LinuxWorldSF this coming Wednesday, August 16, including:

If you're at LinuxWorldSF this week, look for us [we'll be wearing black shirts with the following embroidery...

IASC InterASC TeleInterActive Embroidery
Click to view original size

We can talk about PalmSource and ALP, open source business intelligence, data warehousing and collaboration, or whatever else comes up. Maybe we'll even publish it as a podcast.

See you at LinuxWorld.

Zimbra, Jira and Alfresco test drives

Recently, Dave Rosenberg provided exactly the type of information on open source software that I like to see. The post shows the utility of the software, as well as any perceived flaws; it also provides both technologist and user viewpoints. He concentrated on open source solutions for collaboration through document/content management, project management and email.

I am currently having a developer friend test drive several open source applications that could ostensibly make up a full enterprise architecture. I suppose the main idea is to be able to move away from Microsoft server products but keep the same level of features and management functionality.end quotation
"Zimbra, Jira and Alfresco test drives" in Open Sources by Dave Rosenberg

For a complete enterprise architecture though, I think two other application types are essential: ERP, which is the backbone of finance, administration and operations, and Business Intelligence, which is the only way to understand the business' operations and place in the market, one's role in the business, and confidently plan business growth.

For ERP, Compiere seems the way to go; for BI, Pentaho is taking the lead.

EnterpriseDB Closes $20 Million Financing

Taken verbatim from a PRESS RELEASE sent to us by Andy Astor, President & CEO of EnterpriseDB

EnterpriseDB Closes $20 Million Financing
Fidelity Ventures Leads Series B Investment in Enterprise-Class Open Source
Database Company

ISELIN, N.J., Aug. 1, 2006 - EnterpriseDB, the world's leading
enterprise-class, open source database company, announced today that it has
closed a combined $20 million debt and equity financing. A $16.5 million
Series B venture capital financing was led by Fidelity Ventures, a leading
provider of "Go-to-Market Capital(sm)" to early-stage information technology
and communications companies. Previous investors Charles River Ventures and
Valhalla Partners also participated in the Series B round. In addition,
EnterpriseDB announced that Comerica Bank has extended a $3.5 million line
of credit to the company. To date, EnterpriseDB has raised a total of $28.5
million. The new funds will be used to expand the company's sales and
marketing capabilities throughout the world and to continue development of
EnterpriseDB Advanced Server, the company's flagship RDBMS product.

In connection with the investment, Dave Power, a partner at Fidelity
Ventures who focuses on investment opportunities in enterprise technologies,
will become a member of EnterpriseDB's board of directors. Power also serves
on the boards of leading enterprise open source companies Black Duck
Software and SpikeSource.

"Fidelity Ventures invests in companies that have the potential to transform
large markets and become category leaders. EnterpriseDB, which combines the
advantages of open source software with the ability to run applications
written for Oracle, is disrupting the $13 billion enterprise database
market," said Power. "We see striking parallels here to Linux, an open
source offering that runs applications written for Unix. We're looking
forward to working with the team at EnterpriseDB to capture the huge
opportunity in front of them."

"Fidelity Ventures has an outstanding track record of helping their
portfolio companies to succeed," said Andy Astor, chief executive officer of
EnterpriseDB. "Their investment is a gratifying endorsement of our previous
efforts and our vision, and we are looking forward to working closely with
them to leverage their expertise, resources and relationships to accelerate
our growth."

About Fidelity Ventures
For over 35 years Fidelity Ventures has played a vital role in the
development of more than 100 information technology and communications
companies including GeoTel Communications, Teleport, COLT Telecom, ONI
Systems, WaveSmith, Connected and Airespace. Fidelity Ventures is able to
leverage a unique combination of resources, including a global network of
CIOs and IT executives, to help portfolio companies accelerate their market
entrance at one of the most critical times in a company's life cycle: the
Go-to-Market stage. A traditional fund-based venture firm focused on
financial returns, Fidelity Ventures currently manages more than $800
million in venture capital, and invests in U.S.-based companies out of its
Boston office, and in European companies out of its London office. For more
information, visit

About EnterpriseDB Corporation
EnterpriseDB develops and supports EnterpriseDB Advanced Server, an
enterprise-class relational database management system (RDBMS) that is built
on PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database. EnterpriseDB
Advanced Server is compatible with Oracle applications, has the reliability
and scalability necessary for high-volume, mission-critical enterprise use,
and is very affordable. EnterpriseDB has offices in the U.S., Europe, and
Asia and is the world's leading provider of enterprise-class
PostgreSQL-based products and services. EnterpriseDB was founded in March,
2004, and is headquartered in Iselin, N.J. For more information, please
contact (732) 331-1300 or visit

Results of Open Source BI Survey of Christian Donner

We thank all our readers who have participated in the survey of Christian Donner . Christian Donner has posted the results of his survey.

Top answers from the results include:

Does your organization currently use any of the following
COMMERCIAL business intelligence tools?

Reporting (Q1A3) 84.62%

Does your organization currently use any of the following OPEN
SOURCE business intelligence tools?

None of the above (Q1aA5) 57.69%

Has your organization evaluated an Open Source business
intelligence product in the past 12 months?

None of the above (Q2A5) 53.85%

Are you currently in the process of implementing or planning to
implement any Open Source Business Intelligence

None of the above (Q3A5) 61.54%

If you are planning to implement Open Source Business Intelligence
products, will they replace any commercial BI products in your

Reporting (Q4A3) 19.23%end quotation

Commercial Spread Sheet Services

Pentaho and Simba Technologies announced today their Spreadsheet Service allowing Microsoft Office users to access Pentaho OLAP using Microsoft Excel's Pivot Tables. Under the terms of their agreement, Pentaho becomes the exclusive distributor of Simba’s Microsoft Excel connectivity technology for use with Mondrian, which will be delivered and branded as Pentaho Spreadsheet Services.

We're trying to get more information about this new service.

[Quick Update:] Lance Walter of Pentaho quickly responded to our request for more information, and provided a link from the Pentaho Analysis page to the Pentaho Spreadsheet Services FAQ.

Spreadsheet Services is basically a client-side library. It sits on the client machine, and translates ODBO calls from Excel’s PivotTable Service into XML/A calls that go to Pentaho Analysis Services / Mondrian. [Pentaho Spreadsheet Services] works with Mondrian “standalone” – meaning Mondrian deployed without any of the rest of the Pentaho platform. So if you’re an existing, happy Mondrian user and want to use Pentaho Spreadsheet Services, you don’t need to deploy or configure the Pentaho platform to use it.end quotation
-- From Lance Walter, VP Marketing, Pentaho

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