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BI for iPhone

With the opening of the Apple iPhone AppStore on iTunes and with the iPhone2.0 software, I decided to take a look for iPhone BI apps.

The first, from Pentaho, is open source. "Pentaho's BI extension for iPhone works with Pentaho Open BI Suite 1.7. Download and configuration instructions, as well as a short, recorded video demonstration are available..." from Pentaho's iPhone page. Matt Casters has more on his blog, "pentaho and the iphone".

The second is not open source, but is free from iTunes, but "Requires the licensing of Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition Plus, and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, Fusion Edition..." Wow. &#59;)

Even though I have the latest iTunes7.7, it's showing that my iPhone1.1.4 is up to date. We'll have to start playing with these as soon as iPhone2.0 is generally available - later today maybe.

SOAP vs REST and OSBI News

I recently joined Twitter. I must share the following:

Roebot: #e20 note to organizers: If your panelists do NOT know what SOAP and REST are they prolly shouldn't be on a mashup panel!!! WTF!! about 5 hours ago from twhirlend quotation
-- Aaron Roe Fulkerson on Twitter

To which I responded:

Joseph_di_P: @Roebot wiki(SOAP) is what you use in tub to get clean; wiki(REST) is what you do in tub when not using SOAP :-D Easy, yah! about 1 hour ago from Hahlo in reply to Roebotend quotation
-- my response on Twitter

I know, I know, all the important stuff happening in the Open Source BI related world this week, and this is what I blog about. Is it a sign of dementia when you crack yourself up? :)) :crazy:

Here's some of the more important stuff that's been happening:

There's much else to do, including some additions to our linkblog with open source for MDM and more open source communities. But, I'm tweeting. :D

PalmSource Open Source

PalmSource, an Access CO, LTD company, has been making several announcements in advance of their PalmSource day at LinuxWorldSF this coming Wednesday, August 16, including:

If you're at LinuxWorldSF this week, look for us [we'll be wearing black shirts with the following embroidery...

IASC InterASC TeleInterActive Embroidery
Click to view original size

We can talk about PalmSource and ALP, open source business intelligence, data warehousing and collaboration, or whatever else comes up. Maybe we'll even publish it as a podcast.

See you at LinuxWorld.

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