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OSBC2007 SF Keynote 3

Copyleft Business Models: Why it’s Good Not to Be Your Competitor’s Free Lunch, Eben Moglen, Columbia University Law School. Anyone who has heard Eben knows that it's useless to try and capture the nuance and delightfulness of his speech. The story he's… more »

OSBC2007 SF Session 4

CIO Hotseat, Niel Armstrong, Activision, Eugene Ciurana, Leapfrog, S. Christopher Gladwin, Cleversafe, Ilan Kinreich, RadView Software, Inc. Oliver Marks, Sony Playstation, Dave Rosenberg, MuleSource, and Moderator: Steve Fox, InfoWorld The Open Source… more »

OSBC2007 SF Session 3

Online Strategy for Open Source Business, Mark Burton, MySQL, Mark de Visser, Zend Technologies, Inc. Michael Evans, Red Hat, Inc. John Roberts, SugarCRM, Inc. and Moderator: Steve Fox, InfoWorld Steve Fox provided the introduction, discussing the… more »

OSBC2007 SF Session 2

Open Source in the Battleground for Mobile Dominance, Benoit Schillings, Trolltech, Inc In many ways, I'm glad that my first choice for the second session, see my schedule, was so packed, I couldn't even get into the room after talking with Nick and Ian… more »

OSBC2007 SF Session 1

The Convergence of OSS and SaaS: The Business Model of the Future, William A Soward, Adaptive Planning Discussion of Open Source converging with SaaS Use before vs. Try before you buy convert downloader or trial into paying customer plus subscription,… more »

OSBC2007 SF Keynote 2

Open Source: Leveraging the Capabilities to Drive Consumer Product Innovation by Marc West, SVP & CIO of H&R Block, Inc. Marc states that he'll not have the passion of Matt and Matthew, but his customers are open source's customers, and he brings the… more »

OSBC2007 SF Keynote 1

Matt has signed off, and the music is back as we await the first Keynote Presentation. With the music, an interesting slide show is going on, with pictures from the late 1800's and the 1900's and statements from folk like the chief of the U.S. Patent… more »

OSBC2007 SF Welcome

The rock music has stopped and Matt Asay's Welcome is happening as I type. This is the seventh show and the fourth year for the OSBC. There is a revolution going on in Open Source solutions, with over 2 billion US$ in V.C. funding and 65% of enterprises… more »

OSBC2007 SF Registration

I've arrived and registered at the OSBC2007. There are several conferences happening at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco today, but OSBC seems to be the biggest, at least with the longest Agenda and most rooms. I've found the WiFi and have checked out… more »
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At the beginning, The Open Source Solutions Blog was a companion to the Open Source Solutions for Business Intelligence Research Project, and book. But back in 2005, we couldn't find a publisher. As Apache Hadoop and its family of open source projects proliferated, and in many ways, took over the OSS data management and analytics world, our interests became more focused on streaming data management and analytics for IoT, the architecture for people, processes and technology required to bring value from the IoT through Sensor Analytics Ecosystems, and the maturity model organizations will need to follow to achieve SAEIoT success. OSS is very important in this world too, for DMA, API and community development.

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