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From OSBC2007 SF Is freedom the right approach to BI

Clarise and I met with Gabriele Ruffatti and Grazia Cazzin, from Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. to discuss, and as Clarise wrote, get demos of SpagoBI [a full BI suite], and see the new Spagic EAI tool that was announced at OSBC2007, and the… more »

At the SpagoBI booth at OSBC San Francisco

Unlike Joseph, I did not attend the OSBC San Francisco. I, however, attended the Networking Reception where I had the pleasure of meeting Grazia Cazzin and Gabriele Ruffatti of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, S.p.A. Grazia provided us with a demo of… more »

OSBC2007 SF Session 8

Open Source, SOA, and the Next-generation Data Center Panel: Akash Garg, hi5 Networks Dave Rosenberg, MuleSource Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 Moderator: Michael Coté, RedMonk What have the panel found what an SOA actually is? Hi5 is a service to their end… more »

OSBC2007 SF Session 7

Community Development: Business Development for the 21st Century Panel: Danese Cooper, Intel Corporation Chris DiBona, Google Inc Andy Dreisch, SugarCRM, Inc Dawn Foster, Jive Software Moderator: Raven Zachary, The 451 Group Danese objects to the term… more »

OSBC2007 SF Session 6

The Art of Picking Your Poison - Open Source and the Choice of an Application Architecture, Eugene Ciurana, Leapfrog Enterprises Eugene has a rich background in IT infrastructure, and has been implementing open source and contributed code to various… more »

OSBC2007 SF Session 5

Risks and Rewards: How Enterprises Are Adopting and Managing Open Source Panel: Bill Whurley, BMC Software Inc Tim Golden, Bank of America Jon S Stumpf, AIG Technologies Moderator: Stormy Peters, OpenLogic Primarily the panel discussed the policy… more »

OSBC2007 SF Keynote 6

The Bazaar Cathedral: A Look at Open Source at E*TRADE FINANCIAL - Past, Present, and Future, Lee Thompson, E*TRADE FINANCIAL Today is the decade-versary of the publishing of The Cathedral and The Bazaar. E*Trade announced their open source strategy in… more »

OSBC2007 SF Keynote 5

Open Source: Why Freedom Makes a Better Business Model, Marten Mickos, MySQL Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm -- Winston Churchill By doing things wrong, we will learn to do things better. Freedom of speech vs. Free… more »

OSBC2007 SF Keynote 4

Hacking the Newspaper: How an Open-Source Nerd from Kansas is Revitalizing Journalism, Rob Curley, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive. Yesterday, Rob gave this talk in four hours at Berkeley - today, he's drinking Red Bull, and he'll be giving it in 30… more »

OSBC2007 SF Welcome 2

Matt's pondering the question "How to get the second day people to follow the schedule?" The rooms almost empty - everyone is off breaking their nightly fast. Hmm, Blackberries interfere with the audio system in the room, Treos, etc are fine. So,… more »
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At the beginning, The Open Source Solutions Blog was a companion to the Open Source Solutions for Business Intelligence Research Project, and book. But back in 2005, we couldn't find a publisher. As Apache Hadoop and its family of open source projects proliferated, and in many ways, took over the OSS data management and analytics world, our interests became more focused on streaming data management and analytics for IoT, the architecture for people, processes and technology required to bring value from the IoT through Sensor Analytics Ecosystems, and the maturity model organizations will need to follow to achieve SAEIoT success. OSS is very important in this world too, for DMA, API and community development.

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