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Guavus Plus SQLstream means Broad and Deep for IoT Data Science

We have been working with SQLstream since their founding. SQLstream was acquired by Guavy, a Thales company, in 2019 February. more »

Did You See What Just DID

The W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DID) is a working specification from the credentials community group. While not yet a standard, a working group has been proposed to develop the current specification into a full W3C standard. Amazingly, this proposed… more »

A New Age for Data Quality

Once, most data quality issues were from human errors and inadequate business processes. While these still exist, new data sources and new opportunities from data, mean that data quality is both more important and more challenging than ever. more »

The Evolution of Data Management for IoT

In the upcoming webinar for SnapLogic, we will be looking at the Internet of Things from the perspective of data. Join this webinar on Thursday, October 27th to hear industry expert Joseph A. di Paolantonio discuss five recommendations on gaining advantage through the latest IoT data management technologies and business processes. more »

Contest Kognitio on Hadoop Best Use

At the Strata-Hadoop conference, Kognitio have announced a contest for the best use case or application showing innovation with Kognitio-on-Hadoop.Applications are due by 2017 March 31. The winner may chose from one of three prizes. more »
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