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Perst Added to OSS Linkblog

And from this email, copied with permission, here's why: Here's the connection -- You are correct that as an embedded database, Perst is not an Enterprise database such as Oracle or DB2 and is not likely to serve as the main repository for a data… more »

Why Did Todd Buy MS Office

A friend asks why he bought new licenses for Microsoft Office, when Google Apps have all the features he'll ever need. Todd, maybe you felt that you needed to suffer. There are so many alternatives now, though Microsoft Office is the standard in the… more »

From OSBC2007 SF Is freedom the right approach to BI

Clarise and I met with Gabriele Ruffatti and Grazia Cazzin, from Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. to discuss, and as Clarise wrote, get demos of SpagoBI [a full BI suite], and see the new Spagic EAI tool that was announced at OSBC2007, and the… more »

At the SpagoBI booth at OSBC San Francisco

Unlike Joseph, I did not attend the OSBC San Francisco. I, however, attended the Networking Reception where I had the pleasure of meeting Grazia Cazzin and Gabriele Ruffatti of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, S.p.A. Grazia provided us with a demo of… more »

OSBC2007 SF Session 8

Open Source, SOA, and the Next-generation Data Center Panel: Akash Garg, hi5 Networks Dave Rosenberg, MuleSource Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 Moderator: Michael Coté, RedMonk What have the panel found what an SOA actually is? Hi5 is a service to their end… more »
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Our current thinking on sensor analytics ecosystems (SAE) bringing together critical solution spaces best addressed by Internet of Things (IoT) and advances in Data Management and Analytics (DMA) is updated frequently. The following links to a static, scaleable vector graphic of the mindmap.

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