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Thoughts on Open Source Think Tank 2008

The third annual Open Source Think Tank, hosted by the Olliance Group and DLA Piper, will be February 7 - 9 this year, at the Silverado in Napa Valley, CA. As the title states, this is a think tank, and not a conference. The schedule shows two CIO Panel… more »


Today I had the good fortune of speaking with Doug Moran, Founder and VP of Community, and James Dixon, Founder and Chief Geek/CTO of Pentaho about their OpenScrum methodology. Doug had responded to my question on LinkedIN, "What has been your… more »

Wow Oracle and BEA Sun and MySQL

Oracle finally buying BEA Systems was expected. Once the Emerald City on Redwood Shores starts annexing a neighbor, it gets what it wants. A price has been reached and is being reported as 8.5 BILLION US dollars. Sun Microsystems has announced that it… more »

FLOSS Catalogue and SME Guide

Carlo Daffara of Conecta, with the help of Roberto Galoppini of Acme Solutions and Pamela Jones of GrokLaw, has recently published the FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) guide consisting of an introduction and catalogue of open source software… more »

Open Source Lessons and Tools for Project and Product Management

Over the seven years that Clarise and I have been running InterActive Systems & Consulting, Inc. we've used our 6D™ methodology to manage InterASC Professional Services project engagements. This methodology came about from Clarise's 20-plus years… more »
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