Jurors Dismissed

04/18/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal Life

Christine called all the remaining jurors together into the Jury Assembly Room to let us know that they're expecting final word. A judge came down to let us know that our service is ended. Monday is their busiest day, as it is the day that the San Mateo Superior Court sets the juries. Today was a very busy day, they had a large number of civil cases and criminal cases, including several very nasty felonies. However, in his words, because of the large jury pool, because of our presence, all but one of those cases settled without going to trial.

Interesting concept. We have 300 people waiting to hang your ass. We suggest you settle/plea bargain NOW.

Seems to have worked. So, was justice served? I guess I'll never know.

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Waiting to be a Juror

04/18/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal Life

Wendy and I are side-by-side using those Gateway Profiles. I'm reading and writing blogs and checking email; Wendy is doing a Y!crossword and checking email.

Jeanie & Christine [our "wardens", no very nice folk really] called one group of 85 to go through the jury selection process about an hour ago. Since then, nothing. Christine just thanked us for waiting so patiently and promised not to keep us any longer than need be.

Wendy's a bit disappointed. She was looking forward to be seeing the judicial system from the inside. She's never served and this is only her second time to be called. Her excitement reminds me of the first time I hired her, 20 years ago. It looks like she still brings that enthusiasm to her life and work. That's fantastic.


Setting Goals

04/18/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Business Life

Wilson Ng, at "Reflections of a Business Driven Life" has written about department head behavior that is reminiscent of his children's behavior: blaming others for one's own shortcomings. Mr. Ng points out the he sets goals for each department, and allows some shortfall to be blamed on others, "But if you are only hitting 30 or 50% of your goal, then the problem has to be you". I don't think that this the corporate culture that Mr. Ng necessarily wants, from his other posts.

I've managed teams since 1978 and P/L or companies since 1985. I've never encountered what Mr. Ng has. I think this is for two reasons. One, I build teams. I've been lucky or hopefully, skillful, in bringing together people who respect each other, who are willing to work and play together. Two, I set goals for the organization, and work with each group to set goals that match and support the organizational goals while playing to the strengths and interests of each group. There can't be any finger pointing, as everyone understands how their individual goals fit into both their career and group goals, and how those fit into the organization's short-term and long-term goals.

We've actually been helping customers use blogs to achieve these objectives as well. Internal blogs can be a great tool, better than a discussion board or a wiki or a "suggestion box" to garner consensus. This doesn't mean that the organization is a democracy. Businesses aren't. They must remain focused. But the folk in the field, technical or sales; the folk doing the work, internal or external; have great perspectives. A good leader, or a good consultant, listens first, decides and then delegates. I think that this is the true purpose of setting those goals in the first place.


Wendy is Here

04/18/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal Life

Serendipity. My very good friend, Wendy, is here. She too was summoned for Jury Duty today. It's a good thing that I had replied to an email of her's this morning, and mentioned that I was off to be a Juror. She had forgotten. :D

I wonder what they do to wayward prospective jurors?


Jury Assembly Room

04/18/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal Life

I'm now at the jury assembly room at the San Mateo Superior Court in Redwood City. I should have brought my laptop, as they now have WiFi down here. But no cell signal in the "dungeon" as the guards called it; the jury assembly room is in the basement.

Full security is in place, empty your pockets and go through the metal detector. Bags, cases, etc. go through x-ray. I didn't see anyone take off their shoes though. The prospective juror in front of me for the security check has a metal knee [in her own words], but they dealt with it expeditiously.

So, with no cell signal, and without my laptop, how am I blogging? The court system nicely has provided Gateway Profile [computer in the monitor] systems - about a dozen of them. And they are all in use.


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