Weblogs Purchase Confusion

10/07/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet, Blogging

Just remember, don't confuse AOL buying Weblogs, Inc. with Verisign buying weblogs.com. XX(

Update 2005.10.07:12h12:

While the above points to the Om Malik and Silicon Beat stories in which I first read about these acquisitions, as well as to the web sites for Weblogs, Inc. and weblogs.com, I've been told that this doesn't help to clear up the confusion.

Weblogs, Inc. is, arguably, the first mass media organization built on wiki(blogware), and produces almost 100 blogs, including one of the most popular blog sites on the Internet, Engadget, in categories such as Consumer, Media & Entertainment, Technology, and Life Sciences. AOL, Inc. is the old electronic bulletine board system that once competed with the likes of the defunct Compuserver, The Well and Prodigy, and now competes with Earthlink as an ISP and Yahoo! as an Internet Portal. It is the last of the mass-market closed content, members-only sites with its own client software. There is an obvious fit between AOL, the content server, and Weblogs, Inc. the content producer/server. I predict a lessening of popularity in the most popular Weblogs, Inc sites and an increase of poplularity for their lesser known sites.

wiki(Dave_Winer,Dave Winer's) weblogs.com is a RSS pinging service, most used by, duh, weblogs to announce a new post/article. VeriSign is the Internet security company best known for their SSL certificates. Here's what Dave has to say about the deal.

And please, go to Kottke's original post.

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Almost Killed a Child

10/04/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

Driving home today, a small boy darted out from between parked cars on the opposite side of the street from me. Luckily I was going slowly; even luckier, I started braking as soon as I caught movement in my peripheral vision, before I was even sure what was coming towards me. When I finally focused both my vision and my attention on the boy, I had stopped. He was four feet in front of me and still running towards the other sidewalk.

I rolled down the window on the passenger side and yelled at him - for about five minutes. I then told him to go home. I guess he's basically a good kid, as well as being alive, becuase he looked chagrined during my down dressing of him, and put his head down and walked towards his home when I told him to go.



Tags and OPML

10/02/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet

Going through my feed aggregator, RSSowl, the intersection of tagging folksonomies and OPML has triggered my obsessive-compulsive behaviour this morning. Listed below are the posts and blogs I've been reading. The power of the intersection of these two technologies for distributed groups is awe inspiring, be they your readership, workgroups, friends, family or various intersections of these groups. Of course, you also have to follow the links within these posts.


Driving me NUTS

09/25/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet

I awoke this morning to see a message from our server that our web server had failed. But when I logged into the machine, it showed the web server humming along just fine. Normal debugging showed no problems.

But I couldn't connect to oub blogs nor to our wiki pn the press subdomain; though I could get to everything else serverd up by our web server - main web pages, other subdomains. But my browser wasn't giving me any error messages when trying to connect to something under press.teleinteractive.net, just "loading" - never timing out, never showing anything.

So, hmm... :crazy: "Crazy", I thought... Perhaps, even though the last changes we made to the various web server configuration files were several weeks ago, that an update that I did on Friday to another package on the server was somehow causing an "infinite loop" to be happening as the web server stepped through those various configuration files. So, I started going through that debugging.

My partner sent me an IM, and in describing the problem to her, we discovered that she was having no problems getting to anything from our server at all.

I then tried different browsers, IE, Opera, Netscape - all fine. |-| No, no, no... All those hours debugging the server to find out that Firefox needed to be restarted on my laptop.


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Spammers will Wreck Everything

09/24/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet, Open Source

I recently commented to "Spammers will wreck everything..." posted by miss rogue on HorsePigCow. I would have trackbacked initially, but didn't see the link initially. XX(

In that comment, I mentioned that one reason that we had choosen the Open Source b2evolution was that we could see the community's passion about fighting spam.

The community now has even devoted a "sub-forum" to fighting spam, "Got Spam?".

Here are some of the anti-spam features of the latest release, 0.9.1 aka "Dawn".

  • Referer spam gets detected early and triggers a "403 Forbidden" error message in order to save resources on the server.
  • Removed public statistics in order not to attract referer spam.
  • Trying to access public stats triggers a "410 Gone" error message.
  • Complete comment text will be searched for blacklisted keywords.
  • HTML entities can now be used in blacklisted keywords.
  • Restricted URL input into feedback to defeat comment spam.
  • Use of rel="nofollow" for feedback author URLs to defeat comment spam
  • The antispam blacklist is not displayed by default anylonger if it gets longer than 100 entries (and it will indeed get much longer than that...)

But we're really looking forward to the Phoenix release, which promises even more anti-spam features - and a whole lot more.


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