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10/23/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet

The idea that Flock Favorites (a.k.a bookmarks) sync up with your account on the tag service del.icio.us is very neat, but needs quite a bit of work. All your favorites wind up on del.icio.us, including those things you may not want up on a someone else's server, like intranet links, financial accounts, and other bookmarks that you want to have handy, but wouldn't want to risk being exposed.

The user needs to be given much more control of their favorites for Flock to compete in the new [and rather unspectacular) browser wars.

  • the hierarchical folder structure for organizing bookmarks evolved over the past decade because it works; the limited "collections" feature for flocked favorites isn't as useful
  • bookmarking and tagging at one time is useful, but users should be allowed to control the behaviour of the "starring" feature - does it just add the URI to "Your Library" in Favorites, or should starring the URI open a dialogue to tag and add the site to a "Collection" Update 2005.10.23;17h50: You can do this; go to Tools | Options > Web Services > Favorites Tab and click Clicking Star performs "Add and Tag" - though you can't add to a collection yet
  • the users need control of syncing with a tagging service, such as del.icio.us, at the individual URI and "Collection" level - some are sync'd, some aren't; some are shared, some aren't
  • and what about other tagging services, such as BlinkList and TagHop, and whatever tag definition, management and sharing service/software/protocol you may use Update 2005.10.23;17h50: it looks as though Flock will have this feature as the previously mentioned Web Services option currently has greyed out add, delete and make default buttons

Hey, 'tis pre-beta, and maybe Silicon Beat did a disservice to Flock by "letting the cat out of the bag" while it was still a kitten. But, while I still like the cool blue look, I don't see any reason to change from Firefox any time soon. Two good opposing points of view are from Mark Evans than Miss Rogue.

In my bookmarks' personal toolbar folder, I have a subfolder named "Tagging" where I've collected the javascript plugins that allow me to quickly add-to and access my del.icio.us, BlinkList and other tagging service accounts. It doesn't sync my bookmarks with these accounts, but this Flock feature is easily duplicated, half automated, half manual. But look at those items I've listed, and maybe Flock will win out for those interested in tagging.

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Trying to Join the Flock

10/22/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet, Blogging

Flock doesn't advertise b2evolution as one of the wiki(blogware) packages that it supports, but setting up my blog almost worked. Flock went into a loop at the end of setting up claiming that there was an error, and I needed to check my account settings, though it didn't give me an opportunity to do so. After, clicking on "OK" for or closing the error message, it just popped right back up. But when I went to Tools | Options > Blogging, there were all our blogs, properly identified.

So, will this work? Hitting "Publish" now...

Nope, it didn't work, so I'm publishing from my normal b2evolution interface. I got the error "Oops. There was a problem..."

I was wondering if the renderers would work through Flock. Renderers are plug-ins to b2evolution that allow us to take shortcuts when writing a blog, two examples are in this post. To get the wikipedia link above for blogware, I just typed the word "wiki" "(" "blogware" ")", and note the dots under "b2evo" - hover your mouse cursor over such a decorated word and get a tooltip definition.

Of course, b2evo has a toolbar plug-in that works well with Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, IE and allows me to blog about any web page I'm on, opening this interface, complete with URL to what I'm blogging about.

That's OK. I like this interface. The Flock editor isn't as complete, nor does it have the b2evo smiley toolbar. :>>

I'll keep playing with Flock and see what other features work, duplicate what I have in toolbars or folders (like a personal bookmark toolbar with syndicate and tagging folders), and what doesn't work.

Nice UI though. I really like the cool blues.

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Lunch Encounters

10/14/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Business

Clarise and I had lunch today with our corporate attorney, Jim Redmond. At the next table was Eric Lindsey of Paravue, who joined our conversation. Looks like they're doing some interesting stuff at Paravue - check them out.

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10/11/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet, Mobile, RSS, Syndication

As Miss Rogue points out, the blogoshpere is abuzz about gada.be, the search aggregator, primarily for mobile devices, but available from any platform, that uses RSS and outputs through OPML. So much so, that you can't get to the site.

We started getting referrer stats from opml.gada.be yesterday, and, as I mentioned in a comment to Gee-Gada.be, I could get to that URL, but no other.

I finally got through to teleinteractive.gada.be [hey, this is all about hubris after all]. The results were all about, well, us. Except for one for teleinteractive audio by Rohr Post. There were no results on CASTLE - Computer Aided System for
Teleinteractive Learning in Environmental Monitoring
, which surprised me.

Gada.Be looks like an interesting system. Though I've never have had trouble using search tools on my Palm via Bluetooth to my mobile to the Web. But having searches from multiple engines as RSS feeds into my aggregators is really cool.


Mazzerelle Mazzarelle Mozarella

10/10/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Food and Drink

Stefano corrected my spelling of Mazzarelle in his comment to my Easter Food article.

Thank you so much.

I did find one recipe that's close to what my family makes.

If I visit my family in Abruzzo, I'll have to rent your villa.


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