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Zillow.com in Firefox in SLED10 in Parallels in MacOSX

09/28/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet

OK, the title kinda says it all. I wanted to repond [after a week] to Zillow.com's offer to use their new features of MyZillow and to update the facts on my home. Unfortunately, Zillow.com doesn't support Safari and they recommend Firefox. I used Firefox under my old Windows machines, so that's fine. But, since FF is already installed as part of SLED10, that I'm running on my MacBookPro under Parallels, I decided just to use it there. B)

You can see my updates on Zillow at

I really like the Tiger apps, for the most part. There are some frustrating limitations, both in-built, and as a result of MacOSX being under supported by developers, having such a small market share.

Return receipts not being supported in Mail.app is one such limitation. I know that they've fallen in disfavor, but I remember setting up sendmail so that the inability to deliver a message didn't result in an error-but-still-trying message for 4 hours, and didn't result in a permanent failure for SEVEN DAYS. eMail still isn't the completely reliable, do everything set of protocols that most people think it is, and I still like return receipts. I know there are AppleScripts and Plugins, but still, it's part of the RFC, support it.

Not being able to have multiple tabbed sites as the "home page" is frustrating as well, but not bad. Not being able to export MP3 files from Audacity using LAME because of patent issues is odd, but I can still do it under WindowsXP Audacity/LAME.

But what the heck, with Parallels, I have it all: WindowsXPsp2, SLED10, and whatever else I may want to add, even OS/2.

How great is that?

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