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The Brenner Group is 20

06/06/07 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet, Business

Last night, Clarise and I attended The Brenner Group's 20th Annual Networking Event. Their theme was then and now, celebrating the changes in technology that they've seen come out of the Silicon Valley over their remarkable 20 years of doing business, since Rich Brenner started the firm. Displays around the hall showed the 1984 Mac with the latest black MacBook laptop, an early PDA [poor Palm, not even mentioned by name] with a RIM Blackberry [which is such a pale imitation of the Palm as to be essentially useless - don't get me started], a portable CD player with an iPod, and, well, you get the picture. Door prizes from the various partner-firms/sponsors were things like a CD and an iTunes gift certificate, CDs and an iPod shuffle, and one particularly telling and generous gift of an 8-inch, portable black-and-white television with a modern 15-inch HiDef LCD television.

In very many ways, this was the best party, oops, networking event &#59;) that they've thrown in the seven years that we've been attending. It was marred by the absence of our favorite member of The Brenner Group, but he knows that our thoughts are with him. We met some great new people, chatted and laughed with old acquaintances, and had some thought provoking conversations, and really good food.

The most touching thing of the evening was on the way out. John Heath, another partner in The Brenner Group, was by the exit, giving away a copy of Core Memory "A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers" with page after page of photographs by Mark Richards and accompanying text by John Alderman. Another commemoration of 20 great years in the valley and of The Brenner Group. Congratulations to all.

On a side note, I did have a longer than expected drive home, as I was stopped by the tunnel construction on Devil's Slide. These two shots from my cell phone show the traffic and warning sign ahead and yes that is the ocean beyond the cleft in the mountain, and one of the reasons I live on the coast is the view to my right of the twilight sky over the Pacific.

The warning sign and traffic ahead when stopped for Devil's Slide tunnel construction

Sunset into the Pacific while stopped at Devil's Slide Tunnel Construction

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