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Peace and Joy

12/28/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet, Open Source, Personal

Received today...

귀 하는 Sun Executive Boardroom 프로그램 회원으로 등록되어 있으므로josephdp_lists@interasc.com을 통해 메일을 수신 받고 계십니다. 통신 관련 기본설정 업데이트를 원하시면 본 페이지 하단의 링크를 참조하시기 바랍니다. 당사는 귀하의 프라이버시를 보호하며, 썬의 프라이버시 정책에 관한 내용을 다음의 웹 사이트 상에 명확하게 게시해 놓고 있습니다: http://kr.sun.com/privacy

Peace and Joy from Sun
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-- list email from Jonathan Schwartz

Thank you, Jonathan. 'Tis a nice thought... If only I read Korean. :)

BTW, if Scott stills plays golf with Howard Jansen, please ask him to give my regards to Howard.

Happy Holidays to all at Sun.

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I'm Joseph A. di Paolantonio and this blog has two main foci: my interest in food, and my interest in the future. This provides a look into my personal life, and is separate from my consulting work…though there will be overlap. I am an independent researcher, working as a strategic consultant and I'm an executive with over 20 years of commercial experience with a technical interest in the intersection of Internet of Things, with advanced data management and analysis methods. I view data science as a team activity, and I feel that the IoT must be viewed as a system. I am leveraging my past activities to understand the adoption and impact of the IoT; first, as a system engineer in aerospace, where I developed Bayesian risk assessment methods for systems within the Space Transportation System (including the Space Shuttle), Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer, Gravity Probe B, and many more, and second, as a enterprise data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics professional. Between my aerospace and IT careers, I indulged my hobby of cooking by starting a food company, Montara Magic, centered around my chocolate sauces. My education combined chemistry, mathematics and philosophy. I performed research into molten salt fuel cells in graduate school, and in photovoltaic materials for a short time in industry. The lure of bringing the human race into space was strong, and when I was offered the chance to combine my chemistry and mathematics skills to develop new risk assessment and system engineering methods for space launch and propulsion systems – I couldn't resist. I perform independent research and strategic consulting to bring value from the Internet of Things, Sensor Analytics Ecosystems and data science teams.I am a caregiver, a lover of science fiction and speculative fantasy, and my passion to learn has led me to a pilot's license, an assistant instructor in SCUBA, nordic and alpine skiing, sea kayaking, and reading everything I can, in as many topics as I can.

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