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Oh The Pain One DirecTiVo Down

02/07/07 | by JAdP | Categories: Entertainment

Sometime ago one of my DirecTiVo units died with the message "Can't load boot kernel". Well, they are a Linux box after all, and close to seven years old. I'm guessing the hard drive failed, or maybe a cable since there isn't any grinding or clunking noises. But I pay for premium service, and as the service rep put it "I'm a class A customer". And DirecTiVo [/sigh no more, just DirecTV] sent out a "comparable" replacement unit right away. I thought comparable meant a RCA rather than the Sony that I have. But nope... 'tis a DVR+ R-15.

So, I phoned the premium service line and was answered right away by Matt. Matt apologized that some service reps think a DVR+ is the same as a DirecTiVo [yes, he used that term], but being a DirecTiVo user himself, he knew better. He put me on hold while he went off to make things right. He came back sounding more devastated than I. DirecTV no longer sends out DirecTiVo units. XX( |-|

I know that DirecTV and TiVo had their problems awhile back, but I thought I had read that DirecTV eventually saw the folly of their ways, and paid for more TiVo licensing, though they had withdrawn from the TiVo board of directors. What happened? :crazy:

Oh well, Matt was quick to respond and sympathetic. I can't fault him, but I think DirecTV management needs to get back on the TiVo bandwagon.

No more seeing an ad for a movie, adding a wishlist, and seeing it pop up on the todo list, whenever it comes around. At least not on that TV. The other three Sony DirecTiVo units are still running. Hmm, where's that Hacking TiVo book that Bunkey gave to me a few years ago? Maybe I can put a new, bigger hard drive, clone one of the others, and be back to TiVo heaven.

That's a thought. :idea:

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