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Installing & Securing Windows XP

09/19/04 | by JAdP | Categories: Information Mangement, Toys and Tools

François PLANQUE recently wrote in his blog about the trials and tribulations of moving, especially in regards to his computer and networking equipment. In his "Installing & Securing Windows XP" article, he focused on the problems associated with recovering a PC and upgrading to Windows XP at the same time. I recently had a similar experience (caused by a laptop monitor dying rather than by a move) and found the following helpful.

Jerry Pournelle, Ph.D. published a good "crib sheet" for installing a new system in the "Hot House Computing" article of the Chaos Manor column for DDJ. I've adapted it here, from my own experiences.

  1. The drive software, or other start-up software from the manufacturer's boot disk.
  2. Windows XP.
  3. Windows XP SP-1a from a CD.
  4. Intel chipset information from the motherboard disk for a new installation or driver software.
  5. Intel Ethernet from that disk for a new installation or more driver software from the manufacturer's CD.
  6. A firewall or hide behind a router.
  7. Any good Anti Virus from the Intel startup disk (includes NAV) or other non-online source.
  8. Intel Active Monitor from the Intel startup disk, if required.
  9. Other stuff from the Intel startup disk.
  10. Windows updates, then Office updates (if used) then your applications and their updates.

PC World magazine has had some helpful articles and product reviews as well.

Symantec's Norton wiki(Firewall) and Internet Security Suite are always highly rated, though I've had many problems (crashing Windows, ccApp.exe failing, loosing connection with Outlook 2002) with the 2004 version of NIS. We're planning on trying Trend Micro's PC-cillin internet security suite when the next NIS subscription runs out.

In addition to AdAware and Spybot - Search & Destroy, we've found the Yahoo Toolbar Anti-spy to be useful.

Of course, I would rather being doing something fun - analyzing and designing a large Oracle database application, like the wireless Logistics Barcode system we're doing for a regional transportation district here in the Bay Area with our partner Eleusinian Enterprises.

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