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Impressive Battery Life

09/17/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet

By habit, I ran Vate, my MacBookPro, on battery until the low battery warning came on, after fully charging it. Today, doing RTFM, I see that the proper procedure is

  1. Fully Charge the battery
  2. Run the laptop on the power adapter for at least two hours
  3. Run the laptop on battery until the unit goes to sleep because the battery is fully drained
  4. Leave the unit sleeping or off for at least five hours
  5. Recharge the unit fully

Yesterday and today, with light usage, the MacBookPro17 seems to be able to go over 6 hours on battery. I've run a DVD, watched a video of the Scobles checking out meat at Cunha's Country Store [Say hi to Bev for me] and have done some web surfing, conducted some searches on Mac Mail and Courier IMAP, set up some RSS feeds in Safari [though I will be installing the Mac version of RSSowl after I get parallels and its partitions set up], and listened to our latest podcast on our OSS blog.


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