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Housing Bubble or Not

01/23/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal Life

Consultants must point out every conceivable risk, and we generally have the time and knowledge to do the risk assessment through tools ranging from simple 2x2 matrices to cause-consequence analyses to iterative Bayesean monte carlo simulations. Does such an onus fall on journalists?

Dan Gillmor writes about a piece in the Orange County Register that he picked up on his rerouted trip back to SF from Boston that seems to promote dangerous speculation in real estate. As Dan says, many experts fear that a housing bubble, similar to the tulip bubble and the dot-com bubble may be happening.

When I first moved to the Northern California Coast from "back East", I had a hard time overcoming "sticker shock" on housing prices. Back in 1984, a 3BR, 2BA house with an Ocean View were listing for over $180,000 and being bid upwards of $200,000. Much more than my houses in Delaware (45K$) or the one in Illinois (90K$) where worth.

The house I bought in 1999 has a tiny bit of an ocean view - actually, a pretty good white water view of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve from the edge of the driveway leaning out into the street. &#59;) I bought that house for just over 400K$ and it now appraises at 800K$. But I am only three blocks from the nearest DSLAM - killer bandwidth. :>> That must be the reason.

I'm still in shock. And I really wish I had bought in 1984 instead of saying "These housing prices can't go any higher". /sigh

But can they? I don't know. Bubbles are rarely identified until after they burst. And real estate here just goes up and up, with very few, and only minor, downturns.

Edit: One comment to Dan's post points to an economic analysis showing that the housing price increases are due to the wealth created by the stock market bubble. I don't believe this. The housing boom is a result of low inflation during the Clinton administration coupled with exceptionally low interest rates. Add in that interest on a mortgage can be one of the largest, if not only, tax deduction left to most people, and buying a house becomes cheaper and wiser than renting.

Edit: And to Dan's point, which I believe concerns responsibility in journalism... Does that responsibility extend to pointing out every uncertainty, every possible outcome, every risk? As consultants, we must do so. Must journalists?

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hi..this is long overdue, but i’m leaving a link to your page on my site :)


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