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Event Horizon

12/09/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Open Source

Over on his blog, Tech Linkletter, my old neighbor comments on Sun's open source strategy.

But while some companies in the same position might simply fade quietly into nonexistance, that didn’t seem likely with Sun. CEO Scott McNealy and President Jonathan Schwartz have always struck me as the "just crazy enough to do it" types--a personality trait not commonly seen in senior executives. What if Sun didn’t set? What if it went supernova instead?"

"Even if the open source plan works, it seems like a recipe for making Sun a much smaller company in the long run. And in the cold reality of space, supernovas happen just before suns die."end quotation
-- "Sun Continues Free Spree" by Chris Lindquist, 2005 December 08, CIO

I tried to submit the following comment, but seem to have failed, so here it is.

Sun seemed as though it was faltering badly over the past few years; the spark about to go out. &#59;) With this new strategy, it may indeed supernova. But stars don't all die after such an event, it might end up as a black hole - pulling all around it into itself, or at least its sphere of influence.

Remember, that in addition to its open source stratgies, Sun has been following an acquisition strategy as well.

So, old neighbor of mine, as you say, we'll see in a few years. But don't discount any aspect of Sun's strategy to remake itself as a total data management solutions company.

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