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Daring Kitten Rescue in Moss Beach

05/18/08 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

When I arrived home this past Friday night, there was a fire truck in front of my house, and a group of folk in my back yard. A tabby kitten belonging to new neighbors had run up the cypress tree in our back yard. The general consensus was that she would come down when she was hungry, and an opened can of tuna was left as an inducement. :p

Several times throughout the night, I went out to check on the kitten, who was mewing quite piteously, between naps. I even tried to get her to chase a spot of light from a flashlight, to get her to lower branches. She watched it, but never budged. I heard others come into our yard during the night, trying to induce the kitten down. But she was unmoved.

I later learned that the owner had come by with an arborist who used my ladder to climb into the tree, which only served to drive the kitten higher.

On Saturday morning, the owners, Sunshine and Leor, convinced the firefighters to come back, this time with a 75-foot hook and ladder truck, and another truck. I think all the on-duty firefighters from the Point Montara Coastside Fire Protection District were there, as well as a bunch of neighbors.

Point Montara Coastside Fire Protection District
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Firefighters Discussing the Kitten Rescue Plan
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Neighbors Gather in Support
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Chip, whose backyard abuts ours, and who is also a firefighter, directed and photographed from on-high. &#59;)

Firefighting neighbor Chip directs from atop his shed
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The hook and ladder truck couldn't quite reach the tree from the street.

Hook and Ladder Falls Short of Tree from Street
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But the arborist, using a regular ladder from the fire company, managed to lure the kitten into his arms, and brought her down.

The saving ladder
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And all's well that ends well. :D

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aw, that’s sweet. I don’t think i’ve actually seen that in real life..very cool.

05/18/08 @ 21:22
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