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Chitter Chitter Clunk

02/21/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Information Mangement

Chitter Chitter Clunk ... Chitter Chitter Clunk ...

Do you know that sound? If you do, you must hate that sound.

That sound is the death rattle of a hard drive. More specifically, the drive in my Dell Latitude laptop where I keep all my data.

Chitter Chitter Clackity Clack

That is the also a death rattle of a hard drive. In this case, the external firewire drive where I keep my backups of all my data.

I'm going to go cry now. Maybe into a glass of scotch. The Laphroig I think. :'( XX(

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Comment from: Bruce Chirinko
Bruce Chirinko

Boom, Boom, Boom do you know what that is? The sound of incomming 60,80 and 120mm mortar rounds.

Shwwwsh, do you know what that is? The sound of an incomming rocket that is way, way too close. You normally hear this sound as you are diving to the ground and asuming the fetal position. If after that you hear a big boom, then life is fine and you just need to brush the dust off.
If you don’t hear the boom, we have a memoral service for you.
Hmmmmm, hard drive, mortar……
So far it’s a good day in Mosul, Iraq

02/21/05 @ 20:57

oh no!!!!!!!!! I’ve had a hard drive crash before too and it is not only not pretty, it’s real traumatic! Hope you were able to recover all data

02/24/05 @ 19:35
Comment from: JAdP


Thank you for your concern.

Bruce - just keep ducking

Even though the laptop bay drive isn’t accessible, nor is the backup drive, it isn’t that bad.

All business stuff is duplicated on a server, its backup, and my partner’s machine. Quarterly, we backup the backups, so even [older] personal stuff is available from there.

Mostly, I’m losing email, as my Outlook’s pst file, which has been acting flakey since November [Outlook insisting on startup, that the pst file wasn’t closed properly] is mostly what I’m loosing, except…

I had just moved all personal email onto our new IMAP server, and my partner has the content of most business email. So, I’m really not in bad shape.

I’m just waiting for Dell to replace the drive, which was under warranty.

02/25/05 @ 11:44

i gather things are still down ? *sigh*

03/03/05 @ 14:31
Comment from: JAdP

I received the drive from Dell on Monday. I’ve restored the last backup from our server that I had copied over from the external drive where I do my backups… the last one I had before that drive had died.

I still haven’t decided if it’s worth the money to have the dead drive “resurrected” by someone like DriveSavers. They physically remove the platter(s) from the drive and do whatever is necessary to get as much data off as they can.

03/04/05 @ 07:41
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