Software Distribution Models

03/04/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Information Mangement

Back in February, and again today, Chris Lindquist wrote in his Tech LinkLetter blog about software distribution. In "No Common Ground", he writes about the Open Source vs. AOS religious wars and in "When Good Enough is Good Enough", he writes about the benefits of software as service through ASPs and the barriers to acceptance.

In general, I agree with Chris on both takes. Like many religious wars, though, only the fanatics really care and the general citizenry is left to suffer the consequences. I would also like to add that another, albeit crumbling, barrier to corporate acceptance is the idea that IT can be a differentiator and competitive advantage for a company. If everyone is using the same "90% solution" through hosted software, that differentiator goes away. I believe this to be the customer demand that led to sforce, not simply a "mea culpa" as Chris theorizes. So, in some ways, Chris' two posts are at odds with each other. Using open source allows for infinite customization, using hosted software may not. Though, of course, one business model that applies to open source is to host customized versions of open source packages, as we're doing with the TeleInterActive Press, in integrating b2evolution and phpESP.

I do disagree with a comment made to "No Common Ground" though, as I stated in my responding comment on Tech LinkLetter.

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Chitter Chitter Clunk

02/21/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Information Mangement

Chitter Chitter Clunk ... Chitter Chitter Clunk ...

Do you know that sound? If you do, you must hate that sound.

That sound is the death rattle of a hard drive. More specifically, the drive in my Dell Latitude laptop where I keep all my data.

Chitter Chitter Clackity Clack

That is the also a death rattle of a hard drive. In this case, the external firewire drive where I keep my backups of all my data.

I'm going to go cry now. Maybe into a glass of scotch. The Laphroig I think. :'( XX(


Customer Communication

02/20/05 | by JAdP | Categories: General Thoughts

"Under Promise, Over Deliver"; "Always be honest with your customers, just not brutally honest" are both correct values, but mostly "Keep your customers informed NOW". I agree with the "take away" in Mozilla Drops Ball on NY Times Posters, a post by Mike Rundle in BusinessLogs. The story he relates tells of Mozilla not delivering on customer orders for posters of their NY Times advertisement, and responding to customers with the same information over-and-over in "email after email".

However, I feel that the real moral of the story is that good customer communication keeps the customer informed as to the progress, or at least efforts being made on their behalf. When a problem occurs, a bug is reported, a complaint registered or a "trouble ticket" initiated, the customer is almost always satisfied by timely information. A quick response that you are investigating, the results of that investigation, requests for more information, and even a time table for resolution are all necessary parts of communicating with the customer.


Feeds Syndication

02/16/05 | by JAdP | Categories: General Thoughts

Three recent articles about feeds syndication came to my attention today. What struck me is that they all concetrate on just one type of RSS, Really Simple Syndication, ignoring the other RSS and Atom.

I've already written about these three Blog Reading Tools, though these XML based syndication protocols are useful for more than blogs.

  • wiki(RDF_Site_Summary,RSSv1) - Rich Document Format or Resource Description Framework (RDF) Site Summary
  • wiki(Really_Simple_Syndication,RSSv2) - Really Simple Syndication
  • wiki(Atom_%28standard%29,Atom) - a syndication protocol similar to the various versions of RSS, but aims to be more flexible

They are all extremely useful for keeping track of any web-based, XML based, or web service [SOA] data (structured), content or media (unstructured) that is frequently updated.

I went to Blogging about [Incredible] Blogs from our TIA Life Blogroll/Linkblog while taking a break from the proposal we're writing. Ken Leebow's article there pointed me to the article by Jonathan Dube in Poyneter Onlne and to Kevin Laws' article in VentureBlog [Venture Blog is on our Business Life Blogroll, but Ken got me there first] &#59;) And this also shows up the power of blogs, wikis and feeds syndication - the interwoven links.

All of these articles, as well as the ones to which they link, make very good points about how feeds syndication protocols are providing new tools for distributing content as well as leading towards new business models, or revamping current models [such as viral marketing].

I haven't seen any indication that RSSv2 is becoming the front-runner in feeds syndication. Especially, as the Google family has adopted Atom. So, I'll ask the question: "Is RSS becoming the generic term?" It is a bit more complicated than asking for a Kleenex and getting a Puffs' facial tissue instead. We support all three with the open source basis of the TeleInterActive Press and related services, so Scott's, Puffs or Kleenex all work for us. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out over the next two years.


RFP Cancelled

02/13/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Business Life

Back in December and early January we spent a lot of effort responding to an RFP to do BPR in conjunction with the roll-out of an electronic document management system. On Friday, we received word that the RFP had been cancelled.

|-| :'(

This is even more disappointing than when the low bid wins, even if the proposal isn't viable. A lot of effort by a lot of people in a lot of companies, for no result. Sometimes, heavy drinking looks like a good idea. :)

But instead, we spent the weekend with a new puppy, ok, not a REAL puppy, a new RFP on which we've been working.

Wish us luck.


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