Ginger Beer

02/09/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Food and Drink

My friend Todd has started a new blog on the making of Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer and all things ginger soda. It's pretty cool, even if he's just starting. My favorite commercial ginger beer is Stewart's. I even tried making a float with Stewart's Ginger Beer and Reed's Ginger Ice Cream, but the levels of sweetness and spiciness between the two were different enough that the float was not very tasty. /sigh

I may have to work on some ginger ice cream recipes to compliment some of Todd's ginger soda recipes. It's been hot enough here this week, that a float sounds pretty good. Sorry Todd. :>>

Check out WhipperSnapperBrewing. His latest recipe for Ginger Shindig looks great.

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Full Power Coming Capt'n

02/01/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

When I got home around 7:30 this evening, only half the house had power. You may not know this, but there are two legs coming into your home, each energrized with 120 volts. Even though my 79 year old father had already checked the circuit breakers, I did so again. None were tripped, so I reset them all. Still half power.

I had been through this 20 years before, when I lived one town North in Montara with Dan and Jill. That time, one of the connectors coming into the house had rusted out.

I phoned PG&E, and after a 20 minute wait (out of an estimated 11 - 20 minutes), spoke with Joan. An half-hour later, a service fellow came out, pulled the meter and confirmed that one leg was dead. So, he had to refer it to the line group. That was at 8:30 p.m.

All the line folk were out at Digg Canyon, as a tree came down and ripped out the power lines. Sounds familiar.

The lineman just left. No rusted out connectors this time. The wires going through the tree next to the fallen Holy Cypress, were burned out - fully on one leg and partially on the other. He had to go back to the yard to get wire. When he comes back, he'll cut the power, splice the lines, and then Full Power Will Be Restored. He thinks the young cypress was burning for most of the day, making it the new Holy Cypress.

As you can guess, my office including the DSL router, is on the energized leg. B)

Once again, PG&E is working through the night to keep the electrons flowing. I'm shutting down before the power is cut. Good night, all.


Camel at Sunset

01/25/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

So, there I was, pulling out the logjam of mail that fills our company post office box between my weekly visits, when I noticed the yellow card stating that I have a package to pick up. I go up to the counter, and hand my card to the clerk, who goes into the back and begins searching for the package. 'Tis not in the normal storage area, so they all begin looking for it. They finally find it way in the back leaning against a wall. It wasn't in a bin, because it wouldn't fit. The clerk comes towards me carrying this obviously heavy, long, wide, but thin package.

Having talked to my old college chum, Mike, over the holidays, the package struck an eerie chord of familiarity with me.

As she comes out of the back into the counter area, the package strikes the wall switches, plummeting the entire post office into darkness.

When the lights come back on, I see that it's from my pal Bunkey currently working as a project manager in Iraq. "On no" I think, "it can't be". I carry it out to the car, and before I even open it, I call Mike.

"I just got this package from Iraq"

Mike: "Have you opened it?"

"I'm afraid to"

Mike: "Is it about 3 feet long by 18 inches wide?"

"Yes, and only about two inches thick."

Mike: "Well open it already."

So, I move to back of the Highlander, and using my trusty leatherman, slit the tape and slide out this long wooden plaque, and a simple handwritten note in red ink "Dec 2005 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Bruce".

Wooden Name Plaque with a Camel
Click to view original size

My name with a camel in front of a setting sun... or is it a rising sun? Mike got tanks. I did the reliability study for the A1E1 tank recovery vehicle back in the 80's. Do I get tanks? No! I have my pilot license. Do I get planes? No. Maybe it's time to take up camel racing. I love learning more than doing, and that definitely seems like an hobby I wouldn't pursue long. &#59;)

After some discussion, Mike and I decided the best use for the plaque. Let's see, too heavy to hang on a wall, especially in earthquake country. Attach four legs to the back, add a glass top, and use it for a laptop table, so in my dotage, when I'm blogging, I can look down and remember who I am. That's what I'll do; yep, yep, yep.


Princeton Was So Cold

01/20/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

Our meeting in Princeton, NJ went very well. It was so cold though, about 15F at night; ice on the roads, not fun. I'm glad that I live in an area where I can drive a few hours to visit snow, but never need to shovel it. B)

No wifi at EWR, at least not in the Continental area. Actually, my wireless configurator did see an wireless access point, COwlan; but it required a certificate to logon, and the counter folk didn't know anything about it. /sigh

But we're back in sunny California, and even here on the San Mateo Coastside, it is bright and sunny today.


On the Way to Princeton

01/15/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Mobile, Wireless, Business

Clarise and I are at SFO on our way, via EWR to conduct a roundtable discussion in Princeton, NJ. We have a fair WiFi connection in the Continental terminal - out in the hallway. It might be better when we move closer to the gate.

I understand that it's snowing in New York. Our flight has moved from being delayed 10 minutes to being delayed one hour and 15 minutes. /sigh

One of these days, I have to remember to buy gloves, other than ski gloves - too cumberson for driving. I dread getting in that rental car and grabbing that ice cold steering wheel. |-| /brrrr!


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