Air Conditioning Fixed

07/24/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

Yep, the air conditioner is fixed. No, not the type with compressors and fans that use electricity. Living in NoCal, I haven't seen that type of air conditioner [outside of commercial buildings] in a long time. Nope, I'm talking about the FOG. The fog is back. Let's see how quickly it cools down the inland areas that got up near 110F yesterday. And... Will our natural marine layer air conditioning help forestall the Stage 1 power crises in the Bay Area?

UPDATE: The fog burned off and it's warming up again.

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50 Degree Difference

07/22/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

The Bay Area is an amazing place; well known for its microclimates. Clarise and I have had reason to leave the Coastside several times this past week to travel around the Bay. What we've been seeing are temperature changes of up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot, sunny and dry at 105F in Los Gatos or north Bay to cold, damp and foggy at 55F by the intersection of Skyline and Hickey near Pacifica. Not once, but twice this week, and within the span of the hour it took to drive from one place or the other to Pacifica.

The fog has been amazing as well. Most days this past week, there was still fog hanging around at 6 am, but gone by 7 am, and returning between 2 and 4 pm. But yesterday, it returned only briefly, for about an half-hour, and it is bright, sunny and over 75F, here today in Moss Beach.


Oh So Cold

07/14/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

I just stopped for gas near the top of Skyline by Hickey. The wind is blowing the fog in thick, cold streams of mist. As it was warm with a bit of sun when I left Moss Beach this morning, I wore a short sleeved shirt. I'm so cold.

Warm tea, that's the ticket. Did I mention I was cold?


Grihapati Mitra

07/06/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

I recently learned that my college mentor, Grihapati Mitra, died. Even though his passing was last November, I only recently learned about it through an announcement from my alma matter, King's College, which will be holding a memorial service later this month.

Dr. Mitra was an amazing man for his family, his students, and his fields of scholarship: inorganic chemistry & philosophy.

I will only tell one of his many stories, that have stuck in my mind these past thirty years. He would tell this story totally dead pan, and then give this look of wide-eyed surprise and fear at the end. :)

When Dr. Mitra first came to the US, his peers called him by his full given name of "Grihapati". He left to return to India, and some years later, in a less formal time, he returned to the US, and friends called him "Griha". Once again he left and returned, only now, everyone, even students, called him "Gri" or even "G". He decided then to stay in the US, as he feared that if he left and returned again, he would have no name. "" 88|

He'll be remembered always.


Brain Age for Elder Brains

06/18/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

For my Mom's 76th birthday and for Dad for Father's Day today, I got them each a Nintendo DS Lite and Brain Age. [WARNING: links are to our Amazon Store]

Mom has severe arthritis - since she was in her 30's - and Brain Age kept reading her one's as five's, even though they looked like one's to me. So her Brain Age came out at an erroneous 80. She got more right than it counted, but I'm sure it will improve.

Dad, who is 80 has a Brain Age of 61 - on his first try. Not bad. I'm glad. [Actually, he'll be 80 in August, but close 'nough.]

They are both still playing Soduku on it - I can here them yelling encouragement to each other. :D I've unleashed monsters, I think. And they're hooked, which is good.


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