Farmers Insurance Telemarketing Sucks

09/06/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

Just had a very annoying automated message from Farmers Insurance. It starts off with badly mispronouncing my surname, states that there is a very important message concerning our policy, and then asks that you press any button to continue. Since it was one machine talking to another, no buttons were pressed. But it continued anyway. The "very important message" was that the policy was coming up for renewal [it had actually renewed last month], and that I should talk to my agent to take advantage of their other solutions for my insurance needs. :lalala:

So, no important message, just a sales pitch.

But then it ends with "If you have already made your payment..."

What?!? I have an automated payment set up with them. And yes, it was taken from my checking account on time.

I would guess that this is just a ploy to get you to call the agent so that he can press the sale.

Time to shop for a different insurance carrier. XX(

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TeleInterActive Networks Maintenance

Our TeleInterActive Networks hosting service, including these blogs and our customer sites, will be down from midnight tonight, until, hopefully, 4 a.m. Pacific time. The server in the midwest is being moved to a new facillity.

Thank you for your understanding.


Fire Brigade Parade Burlingame

08/31/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Personal

We're at the Apple Store in Burlingame, and a parade of Fire Trucks is going by. There goes Half Moon Bay. Sirens blaring. Everyone waving. Lots of fun.

Now back to checking out the MacBookPro's.


Stargate Indulgence

08/27/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Entertainment

Today I did something that I haven't done in decades. Nothing. I veg'd all day long. [Well, I did laundry, but the machines do the heavy work there - doesn't count.] So, how did I occupy my time while being vegetative? I indulged my SG-1 addiction. I watched Stargate. SciFi's been rerunning the show since the beginning, and TiVo's been recording them.

I started with the Stargate movie, then SG-1 episodes 1 [Children of the Gods Part 1], 2 [Children of the Gods Part 2], 3 [Enemy Within], 100 [Wormhole X-treme] and the 200th episode [200] and even the SciFi Inside show about the 200th episode. What a great day. I've seen them all before, but it was a lot of fun to watch them this way, especially as the 100th and 200th episodes make fun of all that's gone before.

It's easy to indulge a Stargate addiction with TiVo. SciFi runs about 11 episodes a week [not counting repeats in a given week] plus local stations run the show and its spin-off Stargate Atlantis, about a season or two or three behind.

I hear that SciFi is NOT picking up season 11. That's just unconscionable. Not that I care if SciFi gets any ad revenue or not. The producers may continue with some direct to video scheme. Sign me up... As long as it's not locked into some silly DRM forcing me to watch it on a 2-inch screen. BitTorent to TiVo makes the most sense to me. B)

I think I'll unwind by watching a Stargate Atlantis, and maybe another SG-1.


noFoo like an Old Foo

08/26/06 | by JAdP | Categories: TIA Life, Life, Computers and Internet

That would be me of course. :>> I drove the 9 miles down the Cabrillo Highway to the Ritz of Half Moon Bay to join Robert & Patrick Scoble, Hasan Diwan [another OraAlum - hey, Hasan, are you a member?], Bud Ozborn [Bud, I removed the link I had for you, as I must have gotten it wrong - it goes to a domain sales site - my apologies] and Don MacAskill at NoFoo. Robert was live blogging over his EV-DO card - no WiFi out by the Firepit.

There were many intersting topics of conversation, which Robert has written about. One that hasn't made it onto his blog yet is about Personal Space, Public Space and the control of one's identity and data. This is central to living the TeleInterActive Lifestyle™ and so really grabbed my attention. [Pun intended.] :P Here are some links from or related to the conversation.

It was a very interesting afternoon. Just what I needed after my earlier frustrations: great geeky conversation, campari and soda, and sushi.


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