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Joseph Applying for Bayosphere Host

06/01/05 | by JAdP | Categories: TIA Life, General Thoughts

Clarise and I are hereby applying for one [shared] or two of the ongoing part-time gigs at the Bayosphere site with Dan Gillmor, as posted by Michael Goff on 2005-05-26, "HIRING BAYOSPHERE HOST(S)! Nominate a blogger. Pitch yourself. Endorse. Discuss".

We find the Bayosphere project interesting on several levels.

  • community collaboration
  • focus on the SF Bay Area
  • distributed and remote workers
  • the principals involved

I fell in love with the SF Bay Area when I was here on a business trip with my boss, John Callihan, in December 1979. We had meetings at Westinghouse Marine Div. in Sunnyvale, and wiki(McDonnell Douglas) in Huntington Beach. I had never been here before, and neither of us was in a hurry to get back to the East Coast snow. We delayed our meeting in SoCal for a day, turned in our plane tickets for that leg, rented a car, and drove down the Cabrillo Highway until it became the Pacific Coast Highway; yep CA Rte. 1 all the way. I hit the area I now know is Devil's Slide [site of my recent accident], looked at John and told him that he had made a mistake - I was moving here as soon as I could. It took until 1984, with a stop in Denver for two years, but I've lived on the San Mateo County Coastside ever since.

My love of reading, the English language and technology goes back to a retired school teacher, who lived in an apartment in the 200 year old house I grew up in, and gave me my first Tom Swift, Jr. book when I turned 6. Thank you, Mrs. Patterson.

My writing goes back over 30 years to high school & college, when I wrote for the Cynosure, the Scop, and other news and literary rags. My studies resulted in a BS in Chemistry, a minor in Mathematics, and, almost, a second major in Philosophy. [As an aside, my final semester of my fifth year in College was to be devoted to my Philosophical research into applying the theory of Platonic Forms to Technical Ethics; but my thesis advisor disappeared in Europe over the winter holiday, and no one else was willing to pick up that thesis topic.] My graduate & CEEU work includes three universities, and studies in applied mathematics, statistics, various engineering disciplines, materials science, computer science, physical electro-chemistry, project management and business, as my goals melded together and evolved from technical ethics to photovoltaic chemist to system [not the plural] engineer to manager to entrpreneur.

I have over 25 years of "industry" experience, with 20 of those years being here in the SF Bay Area. This includes 12+ years in aerospace, 10+ in information technologies, and a 3 year technical hiatus making Montara Magic chocolate sauces. Telecommunications as an industry was in there as well, both during the aerospace years and the IT ones.

Most of my writing after college was in the form of research papers, technical documents, proposals, business plans and, most recently, blogging for the TeleInterActive Press, both the TeleInterActive Lifestyle and the Cynosural Blogs.

So, Dan and Michael, if this is enough to picque your interest, let's continue the application process through trackbacks and comments, and test out the idea of transparency as it applies to the hiring process. I'll see about generating that buzz you want. &#59;)

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PalmOne LifeDrive

05/18/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Mobile and Wireless, Toys and Tools, TIA Life

Finally, Palm has come out with a device that has both Bluetooth and WiFi, the LifeDrive. I'm very excited about this device. They also squeezed in a 4GB hard drive. Only 16MB of ROM though, so I imagine that not just "all your important files" but software must go onto that hard drive. I wonder how that will affect performace of those apps?

I may just have to find out via AmazonBuy PalmOne Lifedrive from Amazon through IASC. :D

Buy PalmOne Lifedrive from Amazon through IASC

Update: From PalmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager: Is it cool or too big for today's comsumer tastes? by Todd Ogasawara -- PalmOne's LifeDrive PDA is the first PDA I know of with an integrated microdrive (4GB large). It also has integrated Bluetooth and 802.11b WiFi capabilities. So, is the world ready with an open wallet for this intersection of a Palm PDA and iPod mini?

I'm a diehard Palm fan, and have been since my first Palm Pilot in 1996. Many of the points made by Todd Ogasawara are well taken. I do want to get rid of my cell phone, but I don't find the screens on smart phones, even the Treo, to be adequate. I think my ideal PDA would take from the Treo650. TungstenT-5, LifeDrive and Tapwave Zodiac: the large screen [with rotation between portrait and landscape modes], built-in WiFi [though give me a/g not just b], bluetooth and cellular [GSM or CDMA based options with latest data protocols], 256MB RAM/ROM, and two expansion card slots [either both SD/SDIO or one SD & one CF], and, of course, running the latest PalmOS. I don't really want the keyboard of the Treo; I've been using grafitti for so long that I my handwriting is now illegible. &#59;)


Blogging and Localization

04/03/05 | by JAdP | Categories: TIA Life, Science and Technology

Localization through the use of meta data defining from where the blog or individual post is being written, or, if more to the point, a locale that is the subject of a blog post, makes a lot of sense. Even when blogging for business purposes, there is a personal aspect to blogging, and 'tis always good to know who your neighbors are.

This may be even more important for mobile and wireless blogging (moblogs). Whether a modern day wiki(Tocqueville,Alexis de Tocqueville) chronicling political opinions along with your travels, or a realtor blogging about a new listing, being able to tag your posts with pertinent location information is very valuable.

Several services have been created to ease the blogger's task in adding localization. Some use GeoCode tags taken from RFID that can be added to any post, and some use meta tags that must be in the Head information of a web page. Generally, I prefer the ones based on GeoCodes. First, it's easier to have multiple blogs that share the same theme, skin or wiki(blogware) to have different localization tags. Second, these allow individual posts to be tagged with different locations. Both types of tags can work with longitude and latitude, or with other types of location data such as City and Country. Some services can help you find the longitude and latitude for a street address.

We first added a Blogmap to our "About" section of our blogs several weeks ago. You can see that the TeleInterActive Lifestyle, Yackity Blog Blog and Cynosural Blog come from three different, though close locales. It works fairly well, but sometimes slows the load time for our blogs to an unacceptable level.

Another service is Blogmapper, run by the mapbureau which offers a way to add full maps to blogs. They show some very cool examples on their site.

Here's examples of the embedded tags:

geo:lat> 37.56295 /geo:lat>
geo:long> -122.50167 /geo:long>

Here's examples of the meta tags:

meta name="ICBM" content="XXX.XXXXX, XXX.XXXXX">
meta name="DC.title" content="THE NAME OF YOUR SITE">


META NAME="geo.position" CONTENT="latitude; longitude">
META NAME="geo.placename" CONTENT="Place Name">
META NAME="geo.region" CONTENT="Country Subdivision Code">

Other localization services that use meta tags are as follows.

  • GeoURL
  • GeoTags
  • Getty Foundation uses another type of tags, using a different set of Meta data based on their own ID system, as shown in the final example.

meta name="" content="ID#" />
ID: 2012778
Record Type: administrative
Hierarchy of Montara (inhabited place) Montara (inhabited place)
Lat: 37 32 00 N degrees minutes Lat: 37.5333 decimal degrees
Long: 122 30 00 W degrees minutes Long: -122.5000 decimal degrees
ID: 2012832
Record Type: administrative
Hierarchy of Moss Beach (inhabited place) Moss Beach (inhabited place)
Lat: 37 31 00 N degrees minutes Lat: 37.5167 decimal degrees
Long: 122 30 00 W degrees minutes Long: -122.5000 decimal degrees
ID: 2013175
Record Type: administrative
Hierarchy of Pacifica (inhabited place) Pacifica (inhabited place)
Lat: 37 36 00 N degrees minutes Lat: 37.6000 decimal degrees
Long: 122 29 00 W degrees minutes Long: -122.4833 decimal degrees


Phishing for WebEx

12/14/04 | by JAdP | Categories: Information Mangement, TIA Life

I've become so accustomed to bank, credit card and other financial phishing emails that I don't even blink before hitting the delete key. But today marked our first phishing scam spoofing WebEx.

At least the email headers don't match.

So, in Outlook, right click on the message and check options. In your webmail client, check to show full headers, In both cases look at the path the email took to get from the sender to your email server. Look at the Return-path: From: From and Reply-to: headers. If anything looks at all suspicious - just delete that email. If the subject line intrigues you, and you might want the offer, if it's legitimate, go to the web site directly or through Google by Googling the company name.

And yes, From: [with a colon] and From [without a colon] are two different data fields in the email headers.


Netflix CEO Rates Blockbuster, Amazon Threats (Reuters)

12/12/04 | by JAdP | Categories: Toys and Tools, Personal Life, TIA Life

I've seen several articles about competition to Netflix over the years. But I've never seen one that mentions the competition that drew me away from Netflix: DirecTiVo - that wonderful combination of the TiVo DVR and DirecTV. Coupled with any premium movie channel or PPV, and it's a very important part of the TeleInterActive Lifestyle. The entertainment I want, when I want it, my way. Using Linux. Makes my geeky heart jump.

Reuters - Netflix Inc chief executive Reed Hastings said on Friday that Blockbuster Inc has more to lose in the war for online DVD renters than emerging foe Inc.

[Yahoo! News: Technology - Personal Technology]


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