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Adding Apps to Vate

09/21/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet

Now that Parallels and some additional operating systems are in place, I've moved the majority of my corporate and personal files over from my nearly dead Dell laptop, Druid, to my new MacBookPro17, Vate. The only files I haven't moved are those in MyMusic, which include all my Audacity projects for our podcasts, podcasts to which I subscribe and my iTunes and other music. To move that directory over the network was estimated by Vate at 30 hours. I'll move them by firewire drive sneaker net over the weekend. I will be trying Garage Band to edit the podcast we're recording on Friday, and maybe I'll stick with that, maybe I'll go back to Audacity - we'll see.

Now, I'm adding apps. Some new, like Adium X for multi-protocol IM using libgaim, but using the Aqua UI. It seems to work great - even better than Y!M for the Mac as for as interoperability with the Windows version goes. After my last update to Y!M on Windows, I could no longer chat with my parents who were using Y!M from their Mac.

One old friend that I've added is RSSowl. This is a great open source feed reader. I exported my syndicated feeds as an OPML directly to Vate's drop box in my public folder and imported it to RSSowl. Worked perfectly. How often can you say that about software?

I've purchased the Missing Sync, but it looks like I need to add the Palm Desktop and Conduits first.

Then will come adding X11 from the Mac installation disc, and then openOffice, though maybe Sun's StarOffice is better - I've used both in the past, but I need to check out the latest versions of each now.

And I have to see if I can convert my Adobe Acrobat Professional license from Windows to Mac, or if I even need to.

Lot's to do, lot's to do.

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WinXPsp2 in Parallels

09/19/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet

In and amongst the normal work, Clarise and I installed Parallels on Vate, and then added the first Guest OS, WindowsXP with SP 2, well actually, Windows XP with SP1 and then many updates to get to the point where we could update it to SP2 - and the first program we installed was TrendMicro PC-cillin. :p And right now, and for the next few hours, my files are coming over from my lastest dead Dell with no more video to the new MacBookPro17. They'll reside in a Parallels Shared Folder, allowing access from either the MacOSX or WindowsXPsp2. The next Guest OS will be SLED10, but that's for another day.

Parallels is pretty amazing, though I must admit to some trepidation when the familiar Windows blue screen [of installation] appeared in a window in my Mac, and even downright fear when the installation process said it would be formatting the hard drive with NTFS. But all went amazingly well, and amazingly quickly.

Very cool.


Impressive Battery Life

09/17/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet

By habit, I ran Vate, my MacBookPro, on battery until the low battery warning came on, after fully charging it. Today, doing RTFM, I see that the proper procedure is

  1. Fully Charge the battery
  2. Run the laptop on the power adapter for at least two hours
  3. Run the laptop on battery until the unit goes to sleep because the battery is fully drained
  4. Leave the unit sleeping or off for at least five hours
  5. Recharge the unit fully

Yesterday and today, with light usage, the MacBookPro17 seems to be able to go over 6 hours on battery. I've run a DVD, watched a video of the Scobles checking out meat at Cunha's Country Store [Say hi to Bev for me] and have done some web surfing, conducted some searches on Mac Mail and Courier IMAP, set up some RSS feeds in Safari [though I will be installing the Mac version of RSSowl after I get parallels and its partitions set up], and listened to our latest podcast on our OSS blog.



Unboxing Vate

09/17/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet

Here are the promised pictures of unboxing the MacBookPro, now named Vate. The pictures aren't great - I must have been shaking with excitement.

Apple basically gives you a nice, cardboard laptop case, complete with handle.

MacBookPro Box with Handle
Click to view original size

And Apple has an amazingly decorative way wtih styrofoam.

Apple's Fancy Styrofoam
Click to view original size

Everything is nice, neat and tight in the box.

Pieces in the Box
Click to view original size

And this is what you get, plus the Parallels box.

What's in the Box plus Parallels
Click to view original size

And, of course, the first thing it wanted to do after registering and logging in, is updating, which, as said earlier, took a very long time.

Screen Shot of Update Dialogue
Click to view original size

I've heard that people are seeing the magplug falling apart. I guess that I'll see as time goes on. It is an amazingly powerful magnet though; I have a heck of time unplugging it from the laptop, and Clarise can't get it out at all.

I'm just piddling about and learning about MacOSX. On Monday we'll set up Parallels with WindowsXPsp2 and at least SLED. And I'll be adding the missing sync as well, so that my Lifedrive and Vate will get along most wondrously.


Mac attacks Wintel

09/16/06 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet

As mentioned in my post on Apple's need for better SCM, I was still planning to purchase a MacBookPro17, and so I did, at the Apple store in Burlingame. The differences between what the Apple Web Store had failed to deliver and what I bought are the hard drive [the 100GB at 7200 rpm that was wanted vs. the 120 GB at 5400 rpm that I got] and the RAM [the 2 GB that I wanted vs the 1 GB standard configuration that I bought]. I was able to get the older anti-glare screen. I know that Apple is pushing the newer glossy display for its "eye popping" colours, but I didn't see much difference, except that in the glossy one, the overhead lights in the Apple store made it almost impossible to read any text on the screen.

Brought the beast home [unboxing pictures to follow in a later post] and the first thing it wanted to do was update 12 packages. I opted not to update to iTunes 7 as I've read that it has many problems. It took awhile to download the 11 package updates I allowed, but the install of the first package [to JS2E 5] wasn't completed three hours after it had started, so I left it go overnight while I went to the home where I sleep.

Upon awaking this morning, I had an email from our CTO [timestamped at around 4 a.m.] that the update had finished, but that she couldn't boot her Windows XEON workstation. And still can't as I write this.

I think my new Mac must have attacked her Wintel machine over the network. Or maybe her machine died of envy. Hmm, :P maybe more new Macs to come. &#59;)


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