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Business Process Outsourcing and Distributed Work

01/06/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Information Mangement, Supporting IT, Business Life

Last night we attended an Oracle Alumni speaker forum: "Sohaib Abbasi Off the Record". Mr. Abasi is the President and CEO of Informatica. He is a very entertaining speaker and made many interesting observations concerning the software industry. One in particular struck a chord in regards to one aspect of the TeleInterActive Lifestyle, distributed workgroups.

Mr. Abasi feels that Business Process Outsourcing will be a major driver of changes in the software industry.

Primarily, he feels that BPO will change the need for enterprise software packages such as HRIS, ERP and CRM. AFter all, companies that outsource a business process, such as HR, won't need to buy these enterprise packages, the hardware to run on, post-sales consulting to integrate them, and specialists to support them.

He also feels that this will increase the need for data integration software, such as Informatica products, and services, such as we provide.

Good for us. :D

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Solstice to Epiphany

Happy Holidays to all.

Happy Holidays

From Solstice onward, may you have one Epiphany after another.

Peace, Joy and Prosperity in 2005,
From Clarise, Joseph, and all at Team InterASC and TeleInterActive press.


Responding to RFP

12/15/04 | by JAdP | Categories: Business Life

I've been writing proposals in one form or another, in response to RFP in one industry or another since 1978.

Yep, yep, yep

Way back, early in my career, I was sent a letter of commendation from Hughes for my work on the system engineering part of a proposal from Thiokol to provide the apogee kick motor [rocket engine] for one of the Intelsat satellites.

What was so special about what I wrote? I repeated their requirements and described how my team would fulfill those specific requirements, using their own language. They could understand it.

It always amazes me when I read someone else's proposal, and they don't do that.

It amazes me even more when the lowest bid wins, even when the technical proposal doesn't meet the requirements. And it happens all the time. One of the most amazing was out of six proposals that a county in California deemed responsive, 4 of us were just about at the million dollar mark. One big firm was at two million, and one firm was at half-a-million. Guess who won? With a proposal that didn't meet the requirements in any way, shape or form. Guess what happened to the project?

Ah well.


Phishing for WebEx

12/14/04 | by JAdP | Categories: Information Mangement, TIA Life

I've become so accustomed to bank, credit card and other financial phishing emails that I don't even blink before hitting the delete key. But today marked our first phishing scam spoofing WebEx.

At least the email headers don't match.

So, in Outlook, right click on the message and check options. In your webmail client, check to show full headers, In both cases look at the path the email took to get from the sender to your email server. Look at the Return-path: From: From and Reply-to: headers. If anything looks at all suspicious - just delete that email. If the subject line intrigues you, and you might want the offer, if it's legitimate, go to the web site directly or through Google by Googling the company name.

And yes, From: [with a colon] and From [without a colon] are two different data fields in the email headers.


Netflix CEO Rates Blockbuster, Amazon Threats (Reuters)

12/12/04 | by JAdP | Categories: Toys and Tools, Personal Life, TIA Life

I've seen several articles about competition to Netflix over the years. But I've never seen one that mentions the competition that drew me away from Netflix: DirecTiVo - that wonderful combination of the TiVo DVR and DirecTV. Coupled with any premium movie channel or PPV, and it's a very important part of the TeleInterActive Lifestyle. The entertainment I want, when I want it, my way. Using Linux. Makes my geeky heart jump.

Reuters - Netflix Inc chief executive Reed Hastings said on Friday that Blockbuster Inc has more to lose in the war for online DVD renters than emerging foe Inc.

[Yahoo! News: Technology - Personal Technology]


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