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In response to: MacBook Pro Temperature Control

Comment from: Jeffry

I’m using MBP 2.4Ghz (2008) and after using more than 3-4hours (just browsing) my MBP tempt reach 82C-85C. Can you give me a optimal setting for fan control? Thanks.

03/16/10 @ 01:54

In response to: Three Months with a Mac

Comment from: Simington

Good stuff =)

09/07/09 @ 15:43

In response to: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Comment from:

Thanks for sharing this tacchino ricetta.

12/07/08 @ 10:07

In response to: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Comment from: JAdP

Sounds great. Thank you for stopping by, and for all the Tweets

12/02/08 @ 00:34

In response to: Thanksgiving Leftovers

Comment from: IdaRose Sylvester  
IdaRose Sylvester

A wonderful dish, nothing like tetrazinni in the 1970s, and made turkey taste good (I can’t stand it).

My mods:

*Used chopped portabellas (same creature, just bigger) and a big handful of rehydrated porcini

*Added much more pepper, and about 4 garlic cubes, and a handful of pepper flakes (couldn’t find the nutmeg)

*I added some of the porcini soaking liquid, perhaps not in place of stock, just more volume (I measure nothing)

*I didn’t like the acid balance, so I added the juice of about half a lemon (had no ver jus on hand)

*I cooked the turkey in the sauce for a while, to let the sauce thicken and the turkey herbs to permeate the sauce

*Added quite a bit of fresh grated parm into the sauce

*I tossed the sauce/meat mixture w the pasta and served it topped with more cheese, crumbs, and lots of fresh parsley. It didn’t suffer for not baking, stayed wonderfully saucy this way!

12/02/08 @ 00:27

In response to: Daring Kitten Rescue in Moss Beach


aw, that’s sweet. I don’t think i’ve actually seen that in real life..very cool.

05/18/08 @ 21:22

In response to: Abruzzo Polpettine

stefano ulissi

Mi viene l’acqua in bocca…

Casale in Abruzzo

12/22/07 @ 18:48

In response to: Chicken and Rice


okay, so i haven’t really looked closely at the recipe, but it sounds wonderful and i’ll be back to get it!

10/11/07 @ 13:04

In response to: Survey Software

Comment from: JAdP

Thank you for the update.

06/21/07 @ 09:03

In response to: Survey Software


PHPSurveyor is now known as LimeSurvey

For more information visit:

06/21/07 @ 06:39

In response to: Roman Pork


oo yummy. I gotta try some of these some time. thanks for sharing!

05/28/07 @ 09:52

In response to: Italian-American

Comment from: Carol

This brought back a lot of memories and made me sad that my parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, and some cousins are gone. No one gets together any more except for their immediate families and maybe the families of their siblings. How can I obtain a copy of what you wrote so that I can share it with my sister? Carol

04/30/07 @ 10:06

In response to: Proper Set up on MaxOSX for IMAP

Comment from: JAdP


Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad that the post helped you out. I can empathize with your customer; the integration of, Address Book, iCal,, spotlight, etc is very useful.

Check out Hawk Wings, especially the plug-ins and add-ons list, for some great additions to that your customers might also find useful.

04/19/07 @ 09:04

In response to: Proper Set up on MaxOSX for IMAP


Thanks for this excellent walk-through! I had a really hard time setting up to work with an IMAP server. I can get Entourage to work pretty easily, but I have a client that was reluctant to learn how to use a different email client. This write-up saved my bacon!

Thanks again!


04/19/07 @ 08:43

In response to: Easter 2007

The Cynosural Blog

White Bean and Ham Soup
Now that you’ve made many ham and swiss on rye sandwiches, ham frittatas, Denver omelettes, and whatever else, from your leftover Easter 2007 ham, and you’re down to the bone, what’s next?

Minestrone di Castagne e Fagioli Cannellini
A big soup of c…

04/14/07 @ 14:04

In response to: Corned Beef and Cabbage Buono Sanctus Palladius

The Cynosural Blog

Leftover Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipes
Or tomorrow’s leftovers today - which is somewhat of an in joke. A company where we worked, changed its name to Nextira One. My partner, who is Philippina, thought this was very funny as tira is Tagalog for leftovers, so we figured that next tira on…

03/18/07 @ 14:04

In response to: Italian Beef

Comment from: Shoshana Kleiman
Shoshana Kleiman

Joe, I remember your love of food, your father’s fried hot peppers that filled the apartment with stinging air. Didn’t know you became a chef in your own right. Do you remember Christmas 1974? Drop a line - I’ll tell you who I am if you don’t remember.

03/07/07 @ 05:45

In response to: Thank you P G and E

Comment from: PG&E Lineman
PG&E Lineman

Hey, thanks for saying thanks. Most people don’t want to understand what we do. If someone watches us you start to understand what the job is about. If you REALLY want to understand the work ask a lineman’s wife what the job is like. Again thanks.

03/02/07 @ 18:27

In response to: Proper Set up on MaxOSX for IMAP

Comment from: Jack

If you put a value in the IMAP Path Prefix field under the “Advanced” tab - it often will result in solving the problem with the app not writing to the sent items folder, and also, you will no longer be synching all of the folders on the server.
This was a good solution for me, because there were tens of thousands of emails in “public” folders that I did not want to see or synch. When adding the mail server address to the IMAP path prefix field the apps behavior changed. Give it a try.

02/07/07 @ 13:19

In response to: Yes I am a cheese steak


yay, i’m universal. LOL. hehe.. but i didn’t grow up in the states, so i confused the quiz a little. Hehe

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

“You have a Midland accent” is just another way of saying “you don’t have an accent.” You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.
The West

North Central



The South

The Inland North

The Northeast

01/30/07 @ 08:44
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