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At the Riya Launch Party

11/18/05 | by JAdP | Categories: Computers and Internet, Photos

We saw plenty of these shirts tonight. Clarise and I told Tara that we would take daytime TheraFlu, and make the Riya, launch party, and so we did. Many thanks to Tara for adding us to the list.

It was great fun, and I'm sure that Tara gave a great demo - except we couldn't see it or hear it. There were that many people there.

But on Monday, the next phase of Riya's alpha testing launches, with many new features and many new testers, going from 25 users in the first phase to 1000 in the next phase, out of the 5000 requests Ojos received. And as Munjal said, all due to the power of the blogosphere.

We had a great time. We got to catch up with Dan Gillmor, and that's always good.

And we got to meet some interesting people. We really want to thank Andrea, who came over to find out what the "short people" were doing. :p She introduced us to Allie and Ethan. Allie does marketing for the company Ethan started: Zvents. I first read about Zvents on SiliconBeat when they launched at Web2.0

Thanks to Munjal and Mike. It was a great party.

Congratulations again to the entire Ojos crew.

And about all those Google rumours. Mike confirmed that it was true, and then admitted that he was lying through his teeth. They weren't confirmed, denied or ignored, just the butt of a joke. &#59;)

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